Welcome to my ABJ Doll site.
 I'm a strange girl completely smitten with these dolls and this site is dedicated to them and the hobby. I customize and photograph my dolls as well as sew for them and do stories with them. This site is for all that.
I own dolls in different sizes from Dream of Doll, Angelregion, Elysium, Dollshe, Luts, Fairyland, K-Doll, Elfdoll, Dollzone, MsDoll, Withdoll, Bimong, Souldoll and Soom.

The contents of the site (gallery section) may include nudity, alcohol, violence and adult situations that might be harmful to younger children. I advice anyone under the age of 13 to leave now. Possible adult material will be put elsewhere.

Hope you enjoy :3


  The site was opened 22/06/2005

Latest Updates

July 7th, 2015
Gallery: major clean up + update
Stories: 4 new stories
Site: new layout & removed the random photos page

September 4th, 2013
Gallery: 45 photoshoots +new categories (phew)
Stories: 11 new stories
Site: random photos, profile updates

June 18th, 2012
Gallery: 26 photoshoots
Stories: 13 demon stories
Site: random photos, profile pages


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