Nick: Seb, Seby
Type: Angelregion Diana
Skin: normal
Makeup: by me
Customizations: body blushing, sueding, lizard tattoo on stomach, ears pierced, elbow- and ankle mods
Birthday: 03/03
Birth place: Finland
Age: 22
Gender: Female


Sebille is a Finnish girl named after her French grandmother. Although, she knows how to speak several languages, she hardly ever uses anything other than Finnish and/or English.
She is very artistic and loves to try out different styles. She seems like a very nice person, but looks can be deceiving. If you spend a little longer with her, you'll see that she isn't quite as polite as she seems. She is a solitary person and hardly meets new people. Seby does make friends easily, though, and because of that some wonder why she doesn't have more of them. The answer to this is her secret longing for a quiet life.
Sebille does spent a lot of time with her 'family' and friends if she happens to see them, but otherwise she seeks quietness.
She does have a 'career' of sorts too. She takes up occasional modelling jobs, mostly for clothes and shoes but sometimes accessories and such as well.
Seby has a past with men, and it's not a very happy one. She has decided to start a whole new life and shuts pretty much everyone out of it -especially males.

Sebille has lived in Korea since she was 14 and before that she lived in Finland. She was born in Northern Finland and lived with her French grandmother most of her childhood as her parents died in a plane crash when she was very young.  She grew up in a neighbourhood with lots of kids her age and went to school with them. You could say that her childhood was very typical to a Finnish child until her grandmother died. She was fourteen when  it happened. That was when she decided that it  was time for a complete change. At first she thought that she would move to France, as  her grand mother had talked about the country so often, but no. Sebille didn't have any way to get to France or to live there. She did some research and found out she had a cousin from her father's side living in Korea and contacted her family. They were more than happy to take her in and she stepped in a plane for the first time in her life and flew to Korea.  She went to school there and recently got a job, as well as new friends -one from France (Fenrir) and others from Korea. She also visited France several times during the years she spent in Korea. 
Yenna invited her to live with her after a few years and she thought, why not. She might as well return to Finland, as it was her home country after all.