Shige [SHIH-GEH]

Full name: Ryoo Shige
Nick: Shige, Shii, Shiishii
Head type: Dream of Doll Too
Body type: Dollzone 1/4 male body
Skin: normal
Makeup: by me
Customizations: body blushing, scar on right palm, scar on face
Birthday: 13/07
Birth place: Seoul, South Korea
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Shige is an extremely polite young man. He gets along well with just about anyone, both males and females. He can be quite a handful, though, as he is a bit... peculiar. His sense of humour is also something that might not be to everyone's liking (eg. Yen).
Shige prefers relationships without commitment and thus, tries to keep his distance to most people. He, however, is willing to commit if he meets the right person. He is attracted to both sexes and his actions often make him seem a bit irresponsible to the more liable people. He might end up hurting people but he is always ready to apologise to the ones he has offended, as he means no harm to anyone.
Shige is also a bit hard to understand. He doesn't speak his mind very often and his comments often sound very neutral. He has a habit of putting his fingers in front of his mouth and it seems that only Miy knows what he means by it (for now).

Shige was involved in a tragic event when he was young. He was seven-years-old and walking home with his older sister (14) from his evening soccer practise when a violent drunk came to them. It started by him asking directions but soon erupted into an act of violence. The drunk pulled out a knife and started threatening them and flailing the knife around. Shige escaped with just a hit to his face and the palm of his hand but his sister wasn't so lucky and was killed. She died while trying to protect Shige and for a long time he blamed himself for her death.

As if the event wasn't hard enough for him, it happened on the 23rd of December. Since that day, he's never been able to enjoy Christmas with anyone. His mother got over the death of her daughter better than Shige did, as she found a new love. Shige's father had taken off when he was only three. Since then it had been just him, his sister and his mother. Not only did his sister's death affect him in the way that he became isolated from everyone else, but it also changed his personality. Shige became isolated from everything and from everyone after his sisters death, as they had been very close. It took him a while to realize that his sister would definitely not have died to protect him if she knew he wouldn't continue on living as he should. He also became much more reserved, although he seemed happy. He started calling his mother by her name (Cho) as well as his new step-father (Ho-Jun).

After getting help and recovering from his emotional wounds he went back to school and because of his personality he became very popular amongst the other students. He went to the same school as Miy (+ Riya & Umi =Mizya's dolls) and became quite close with her. She was probably the first real friend he had had and he soon fell in love with her, but kept it to himself as he was afraid that their friendship would be ruined if he confessed. As soon as Miy had left without saying a word to him or anyone else, he realized that it was a mistake not to tell her about his feelings but it was already too late, as he had no idea where she was and how to contact her.
Then one day he was told where Miy was and send her a letter. The reply wasn't entirely what he had wanted to hear (see the story) but at the same time he was happy for her. Then, sometime later he received an invitation from Yenna and (to his surprise ) Miy. They both wanted him to come live with them and the other residents. He accepted and left Korea as soon as he had graduated.