Somnion [SOM-NEE-ON]

Nick: Nion
Head type: Luts/CP Na-Nu-Ri 2007 event head
Body type: Luts/CP Delf boy type 3
Skin: white
Makeup: by me
customizations: claw-mods, bodyblush
Age: 380-ish
Birthday: unknown
Birth place: Town of Ksalik
Race: Demon (An-Khanian, of the Ksalik tribe)
Gender: male

Nion can be described as calm and curious. He doesn't show his emotions much but he does have a lot of them. He feels especially strongly against oppression of weaker races and strict rules.

-More later-

Somnion grew up in another world, An-Khan, where demon clans ruled and where the last human had died 340 years ago. Nion was very young back then and  hadn't ever met one, as humans had been nearly extinct for hundreds of years before his birth. The demons were stronger and far more resistant to diseases, so they took over.

Nion grew up in a world full of regulations and strict rules, but in time he learned to make the most of it. He was considered a troublemaker, as he tested his and other's boundaries and was constantly in trouble with the elders, who lay down the law for all the clans. Among other things, killing of another creature capable of speech was strictly forbidden and punishable by "banishing". The procedure of banishing involves a reading of an ancien spell pattern only accessible to the six elders. It is considered a death penalty, as no banished person has ever returned. The description of the spell itself is very vague and still partially crypted, although the elders have tried to translate it for centuries. Still, it has been used to punish "criminals".

Nion was quickly abandoned by his childhood friends as they thought he was too reckless. They had gone along with him for the first 100 years or so, but grew out of it soon. Nion, alone and bitter, decided to leave his homeland and explore other places. In a mountain far away from all the demon clans he met another lone demon, Eperia. Eperia was born cursed, or so it was believed. The elders had banned the other demons from accompanying him and he was left alone, for almost an eternity that was his life. He had originally belonged to a clan with the longest life span, often reaching ten thousand years, they were also nigh indesdructable. This combined with the curse, he felt he was in hell. Nion approached him, although Eperia told him he was to be shunned for all eternity. Nion could care less for such things, even if he was going to end up shunned by everyone as well -he already was, anyway. Together Nion and Eperia spent long years together, travelling, seeing places. But in the end, it was all too much for Eperia. He had finally attained friendship, for the first time in his life, but watching Nion be shunned as well... He couldn't accept it. Nion, himself, didn't really mind but he grew worried about Eperia, who worried for him.
In the end Eperia couldn't watch it anymore. He didn't want to suffer anymore, and he didn't want Nion to suffer either. Eperia wished for Nion to kill him, he knew what would happen to Nion if he did so, but he wished for it anyway. He couldn't kill himself, he had tried but it never worked, he needed Nion's help. Nion gave him his wish, he gave Eperia death, he understood his pain and wanted to help him. For that, however, the elders came to him with a sentence to banish him. He was taken to the high council, placed in the middle of a round hall, with six elders around him. They read the spell pattern and after that there was a white light, then... darkness.

Somnion woke up in a forest somewhere, it took him a while to gather enough strenght to sit up, his strength was gone. Physical strenght, spell power, senses; all gone. His hearing was bad, his eyesight wasn't good, his sense of smell ridiculously weak, he felt drained. Upon closer inspection he noticed his hair was as white as the snow, his fangs, claws and wings were gone. He couldn't feel his magic at all, was this death? It sure felt like it, but why was everything around him so full of life? Days passed and he managed to survive by eating berries and drinking water from a nearby stream. Slowly he felt some of his senses and strenght return and he felt ready to travel. In time, he came across civilization and creatures he though were demons. They weren't however, they seemed... human. He had never seen one but he had read about them, and they most definitely fit the descriptions. There were so many of them and they seemed to live in peace, as if there weren't any other races in the world. He had come to a world ruled by humans? He hadn't thought such a thing could be possible, ever. Humans were weak, both in spirit and in streght.
Nion  walked among the humans and the only thing they paid attention to, was his clothing. His physical appearance hadn't quite returned to him so he could be passed as human. These weak creatures ruling the world? The idea sounded ridiculous to him, but apparently that was how things were in this world. He spent several weeks among them, gathering information, but then his fangs and facial markings returned and he saw it fit to return to hiding. Slowly, he could feel his magical powers returning as well, but he still couldn't do much. Nion hoped everything would return to the way it was, he missed his abilities. Only now that he didn't have them, he understood how much he needed them.

In the mean time, he needed a place to stay and started looking for a residence, where he would be accepted.