The stories may include violence, strong language and adult situations and I will not give a separate warning of them. Please be wary of them if you still wish to read. Strict adult material will be elsewhere, though.

Categorizing these is quite hard so, I'm sorry if the storylines seem confusing. I try my best to keep this section as clear as possible. The link system in the newer stories has now changed; you can choose to go to the next/previous story in the 'series' (eg. from Sebille to another Sebille story), or to jump to the next story in the timeline.

     Future: 5 years later     

This is a storyline taking place 5 years after the present day settings.
To be more specific, the last story before these was "Heart to heart". This
does not mean that I won't be doing present day stories anymore, though.

     Sebille / Null stories     


     Fenrir / Lin stories     

    "Wolf" siblings' stories     

     Out of character stories     

     Demon stories     

History/info page of my demon worlds.

     mixed/smaller size stories    

Written stories


This set belongs to the storyline and happens after the photostory marked with *
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8

This story is out of context and something I did purely for my own amusement
Chapter: The Game

Another story that is out of context right now, but might happen later, when I will either re-make it in photo story form or place it into the right place when the time comes. [Does contain a small spoiler of the plot!]
Chapter: Hidden