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Chapter 2: Evening

Sebastian was taking his time walking down the dimly lit halls of the mansion that had become very familiar to him in the years he had lived in it. He had just made the bath ready for the young lady visiting the young master and questions had filled his mind. The lady hadn’t shown any signs of being frightened of his master and when Sebastian had remarked her about not seeming to be afraid, her reply had simply been; “Neither do you.” What was the master thinking? She was innocent, at least as innocent as they came nowadays, and seemingly clueless of the master’s nature. She had clearly told Sebastian that she did not know much about him. And Sebastian had spotted the master’s pass in her bag as she had carelessly rummaged through it before entering the bath. Why did she have it? She didn’t know what it meant and how dangerous it could be. It wasn’t that Sebastian didn’t believe his master to be a good man, but he was afraid that he was stuck in old habits.
The butler descended the stairs. He’d tried to teach the young master right in his parents’ stead and he wished he had done well. Though, this situation worried him. Why had he brought her here, and as a guest, too? He reached the ground level, turned towards one of the dark hallways and spoke: “Would you like to go through some of the built up paperwork, sir?” There was no answer, and no sound, but the butler knew he was there. Within a minute the tall figure of his employer and his charge emerged to the dim light of the room. “Yes…” “The papers are in the bedroom, as usual, sir” He turned back to the stairs and begun the climb up. He could feel the young master follow him; not everyone could, but Sebastian had known him since childhood and had helped in his training. “I have taken notice that the young lady is unaware of where she is.” The master did not answer. “May I present a question, sir?” There was really no need to be so formal, as he was more a friend to the master than a servant, but he was still in employment and his strong sense of duty ruled out the possibility of casual speech with the master. “What?” Came his low voice from behind. The butler waited for his tall master at the top of the stairs and spoke as he reached the floor: “What are your plans for the lady?” There was a silence before the head of the house answered “No plan.” He walked again and Sebastian followed in silence.

They reached the bedroom and the butler glanced at the door of the second bathroom that was inside the room. The master had no plans for her and she was let to use his personal bathroom. This puzzled the old man. His master strolled to the bed and sat down on it, and as always he did everything without a sound. “I noticed you aren’t wearing your pass, sir.” There was no answer, so he continued; “Why does the young lady have it?” The silver eyes turned to the butler and he knew the master had not been aware of this. “She brought it with her?” “Yes, sir, I saw it in her bag as she was going through her belongings.” His master looked away towards the window, although it was so dark that you could not see outside very well. “She does what she pleases.” “And you let her, sir?” The cold eyes turned back to him and he was given a long steady stare. “Merely a question, sir.” the old man stated. “She does not seem to know of you and I worry for her safety. She does not seem to have done anything wrong, master.” He was not given an answer; the master was not one to explain himself, as he had never been. ”Show me the paperwork.


Sebille had gotten out of the bath and put on long over-knee socks and an oversized loose shirt. The tub was ginormous and she could’ve spent the whole evening in it but her skin had started to get wrinkly, and she had made a clever deduction that it was time to get out. She took out her hairdryer, plugged it in and started styling her hair. The last few minutes of her bath she had heard talking from the other side of the door. It was impossible to make anything out of it, though, since the dark wooden door was thick and didn’t let much sound through. She put down the dryer, grabbed a brush and started pulling her hair through it while looking around in the bathroom. It was made of orangey marble and was quite grand. The faucets were gold as were the frames of the large mirror. The décor seemed old but at the same time very new. She got a feeling that the mansion was old but heavily reconstructed at some point in the recent history. It must’ve cost a fortune.

She put her hygiene products neatly on the marble table by the bathtub, picked up her bag and walked to the door. She heard mutter from the other side and stopped before opening it. She knew Null was there, probably talking to his butler. He seemed like a really nice old man, and not cold at all, like you could expect from someone working for Null. He’d even told her some things about Null that she’d never known before: like where he was originally from. The thought of him being Scottish amused her greatly. Apparently he had lost the accent travelling around the world over and over again. His travels reflected through him, it was all around impossible to try to figure out where he was from, unless you were told.
She finally opened the bathroom door and entered the bedroom, which was now rather well lit. When she had arrived, there hadn’t been any light and she hadn’t been able to see much of the room. It was huge, seriously huge, and according to the butler this wasn’t even the master bedroom. She wondered how much bigger that was. Sebastian stopped his sentence abruptly as she entered. Null was sitting on the bed, holding a bunch of papers as she approached the bed (which was also humongous –probably custom made since a bed that big should not exist). She looked around the room and heard Null say “And?” To which Sebastian answered and continued his sentence a little unsure of himself now, glancing at Sebille from time to time. She didn’t understand much of it, lots of numbers and percentages. She wandered to the window and peered outside into the darkness. It seemed like the backyard, since she could see some of the lights from outside to the side, but in front there was just darkness and trees. She looked up and saw the clear winter sky full of stars. It was truly beautiful and she managed to get lost in it for a while.

When she finally turned back around to face the two men in the room, Sebastian was looking at her. Sebille got onto the bed and crawled her way towards her man. Null turned to her; “Why did you bring the necklace?” She managed to look rather innocent and smile “I thought you might need it. It’s not like you can stay away from your work -even for a few days…” Null grunted. Sebille crawled to him and he opened his left arm for her as per usual. The butler looked at her, puzzled; “You said that you do not know now much about the young master…?” Sebille leaned her head on Null’s shoulder as he brought his hand to rest on her waist. “Well, it’s not like he talks much about himself, so I only know some facts like… That he’s an assassin, his father killed his mother and he killed his father. He wears that dull necklace-pass in his neck all the time, he has serious trust issues--” she paused and looked at Null, “No offence.” And turned back to speak to Sebastian: “Aaand… apparently he owns a huge mansion here in the middle of nowhere. Plus the last piece of information I just got from you is that he’s born in Scotland.” Null turned to Sebastian and gave him a cold stare. “I was not told I could not discuss the origin of the master with his guest.” he explained, looking a little flustered now -not because of Null's stare but because of the information Sebille was aware of.
Apparently her and the butler and very different meanings for the word ‘much’, as he had clearly expecting her to know nothing. “Does this not bother you, miss?” “What doesn’t?” “The young master’s profession.” She thought about it for a while, “Of course it does… but it’s not like I can do anything about it.” She was about to turn to Null but something had been bothering her for a while and she continued; “Why do you keep calling him ‘young master’?” He smiled, “An old habit, miss. He was young when the previous master still lived.” He bowed and turned towards the door. “I will bring the breakfast here as usual.” He bowed and left the room.

Sebille looked up at Null, “I like him.” He didn’t answer.