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Chapter 5: Him

Null was awake but he hadn’t opened his eyes just yet. He was afraid that what happened yesterday would be too much for her to overcome after all. She’d said that nothing changed, but it had to bother her. He brought his hand up Sebille’s side, feeling the curves of her body. She was still asleep, or at least he was quite sure she was, Null could never quite tell. He finally opened his eyes and moved her curly locks from her face gently with his fingers. He looked at her for a few minutes, going over her features over and over again. It was strange how she made him behave and how he didn’t really mind. Only a year ago every abnormality had irritated him.

Null got off the bed and made his way to the bathroom. He could still feel the blood on his skin and needed to shower again. His clothes were soon on the floor and he had entered the shower. The assassin closed his eyes and let the water hit his face and cleanse away everything. Of course, he knew he was no longer actually dirty but he hadn’t showered nearly enough to feel clean again. He slid his hands trough his hair and then looked at them. They were still covered in blood; they’d always be covered in it and he would never be able to wash it all off. He would always stain everything he touched and he was afraid she would be stained along with everything else. He’d never have cared what happened to everyone around him if he hadn’t met her, but now everything was different.

He was scrubbing his hands with soap when he realized he wasn’t alone in the room. He turned his head towards the door, where he saw Sebille, “Shouldn’t you be still in bed?” he’d raised his voice so that it carried over the sound of the water. “I thought this would be worth seeing.” she replied and went to lean on the sink, looking straight at him. Null grunted and turned back to face the shower, he felt her eyes on his back. This was all just so new to him and he didn’t really know how he should take it. Null got the feeling that the young woman enjoyed seeing him confused.
Once he was done he grabbed a towel from the near by rack and tied it to his waist. Sebille was still watching him and smiling a smile, which he didn’t quite understand. He looked at her calmly, “What?” She giggled; “Nothing. I’ll go back to bed.” and she left. Null pulled his hand through his hair again, not knowing what to think… She was much too cryptic for him to understand.

Null was striding down the hall heading towards the dining hall. There were now more paintings on the walls than the last time he’d visited. That Sebastian… he was close to filling every empty wall space with something. Not that Null really minded, though, it was just beginning to look a little strange. He entered the kitchen the silent way that had become a habit, and continued to the dining hall. He did just about everything silently without even thinking about it nowadays, but there used to be a time when he had to work hard to do it. Though, that was decades ago.
Sebastian was sitting at his usual seat drinking his morning tea; “Aren’t you early today, young master.” He smiled. Null didn’t answer; he had long forgotten how to greet others. He joined the butler at the table and sat down opposite to him. Sebastian stood up and poured him tea as well, “How is the young lady handling last night?” he asked casually. Null looked at his tea, not answering as he didn’t know how she was. He took a sip and looked out the window, “She’s sleeping.” “I see…” They sat in silence for some time before Null’s trusted friend spoke again; “I suppose I don’t really need to say this but… You need to take care of her.” “Mm.” “For you, someone like her will only come once in a lifetime. Master, do not give up this opportunity.” Null turned to him and was about to argue but Sebastian spoke again: “Do not forsake your happiness because you think it’s the right thing to do. I have seen how you look at her. Do not let her go unless she wants you to.” Null was at a loss of words. “Master… I am getting old and will not be here forever, I only wish that someone else will stay by your side -someone who has seen the real you.” His smile was a little melancholy. “I promised your mother I would take care of you no matter what you decided to do with your life. And taking care of you includes offering you advice. She is a remarkable young woman, just like your mother was. She would be proud.” Null smiled slightly, so slightly in fact, that it was easy to mistake for his normal expression.

Are you aware of the approaching date?” Sebastian asked all of a sudden. Null glanced at him, “Yes.”  “Is that why you brought her here now?” “No. She chose this.” The butler looked at him carefully, “Are you going to take her there…?” “No.” Null answered almost before his butler had finished his question. “I’m sure she would enjoy it.” “No.” Sebastian paused to sip his tea, “I thought you put her on the list.” “I did. And I’m not taking her.” The butler rose to his feet, collected the empty cups to his tray and bowed, “Pardon my interference, sir” and walked to the kitchen with the tray.

Null looked after him and then looked outside again. Would it really be alright to take her there…?