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Chapter 6: Preparation

Sebille was excited. Sebastian had told her that there would be a fancy dress ball this evening not too far from the mansion. They’d need to take a helicopter but the trip wouldn’t be that long. Apparently it was a yearly event that was organized by Null’s bosses. He hadn’t been happy about Sebastian telling her this and he’d been really reluctant about going, too, but everyone would wear masks so it wasn’t like they’d really recognize her or anything. She was so excited about it that he’d finally given in and even told her to use something of his mother’s. The butler had kindly borrowed her a sewing machine so that she could do some fixes to the dress she chose; it was a red silk dress with a long hem and a low-cut neck. The only problem with it was that it was really old fashioned, so Sebille had begun fixing it by shortening the hem and replacing some of the front buttons with lace and ribbons. She would look smashing in it and she was determined to have Null’s jaw drop to the ground. She was now sewing more fabric and detail to the back hem, humming as she thought about how it would look.
She’d taken a look at the masks and had thought that she’d need a certain type of a hat to match the whole outfit. Sebille had already found the hat she would wear from one of Null’s mother’s chests, but it absolutely needed a large fluffy feather on top, which Sebastian had gone looking for.

She was almost done when Sebastian knocked on the door and appeared with a large white feather. “Oh, that’s exactly what I was looking for!” She immediately took her foot off the sewing machine’s pedal and jumped up. The butler handed the feather to her, “I’m glad it fits your needs” he smiled cryptically. “Oh yes, it’s perfect.” She was already attaching it to the hat. “Now that this is done I just need to finish the dress. Null’s going to love it. He won’t admit it but he will love it.”  Sebastian actually laughed, it was such a catchy laugh that Sebille couldn’t help but smile. “I’m sure he will.” he bowed and left the room. Sebille was now alone with her unfinished dress again. It didn’t look like much right now; all huddled up on the table, full of ruffles with no visible shape. But it was going to look amazing.

Sebille had finished the dress but still needed to wash up and do her hair and make up. She entered their bedroom, expecting to see grumpy Null but met with Sebastian instead, “Where’s Null?” “The young master’s taking a bath.” Well, hadn’t he chosen the perfect time for that; “Oh, in that case, I’ll join him.” She grinned. “Is that wise, miss?” “That tub could fit ten people in it. I’m so going.” She entered the bathroom quickly before Sebastian would think of an excuse to not let her join the tall man. She entered the room quietly, although she knew it was futile; Null would know she was there no matter what she did. “What?” She heard him say without turning around. “You use that word a lot nowadays…” Sebille was trying to keep him distracted while se worked to rid herself of her clothes. Once they were on the marble floor, she scampered to the tub and leaned her elbows on it, “Is it nice and warm?” Null’s eyes were closed, “Why?” “Because I’m getting in.” she giggled, heaved her legs over the side and slid into the tub before Null had time to react. He opened his eyes and managed to look surprised, awkward, annoyed and calm at the same time. “Hmm, what’s the matter? Afraid I’ll bite?” Sebille moved towards him excruciatingly slowly; she could almost feel him backing away.
She sat right next to him and spoke, “Why are you so reluctant about going to the ball?” “Dangerous people attend it.” Null was looking away. Sebille rose slightly out of the water and leaned towards him just enough to be able to reach his cheek with her hand. She put her hands on both of his cheeks and turned his head to face her. “But I’ll be fine. I’ll be wearing a mask and I’ll be with you.” He looked back calmly but didn’t answer. She leaned to kiss him and let her bare chest press against Null’s shoulder; she could hear him inhale sharply. The young model pulled back slowly, observing him carefully; he looked like he was ready to run away just about now. Null was so proper it amused her greatly, and also made her wonder how long he could keep it up. “Are you done here? Because I should be getting cleaned up.” “I am.” He left the bath in a haste and barely had his clothes on when the exited through the door, while Sebille’s laugh echoed in the room.

It was almost time to leave and she was running fashionably late. Her make up was perfect and her dress was perfect, but she was fighting with the attachment of the hat. The medium sized red felt hat just wouldn’t stay on her hair in the right position without mucking up the hairdo she had worked so hard on. She was hoping it’d stay now that she’d put at least two dozen hair pins into her hair. Sebille turned her head and tilted it to several directions; it didn’t budge. She smiled approvingly and turned to the wooden door; now she could finally go.
She hurried down the hallway, her heels making echoes on the empty halls and her dress trailing behind her.
She emerged on the top of the stairs as gracefully as she possibly could. The dress fitted so well on her chest, waist and hips that it looked like it was made for her. The front hemline was short; it barely covered her knees, while the back was all ruffles and reached the floor. The embroidery and lace around the low collar brought everyone’s attention to where it was due. Sebille would enjoy the looks she was to get –but Null’s was the one she would enjoy most of all, and the one she wore the outfit for. She descended the stairs slowly and elegantly; her white heels clattered softly on every step and the large feather on her hat swayed with the currents of air. She knew she looked gorgeous.

Null’s eyes were glued on her as she’d expected. She looked at him as she came down and had to admit that he didn’t look bad himself; he was wearing a simple but classy white suit with white shoes, and a white hat with a red ribbon. She was red with white detailing and he was white with a single red stripe. Sebille was quite sure his outfit had something to do with Sebastian.  

Sebille walked straight to him; “Shall we go, then?” Null took her hand and lead her to the back of the house and into the helicopter.