5 years later...

Future: Prelude (19/05/09)

(This is a new storyline that takes place 5 years in the future since the original story.
To be more specific; "Heart to heart" was the last story before the start of this new series.)

Sebille sighed.

She should've known this would happen.

He was impossible, and almost useless, when it came to things like these.

"I see you let her in again."

The man's expression never changed as he put his papers away.

"And you didn't get to look through the papers did you?"

"Not yet..." He spoke quietly while gazing down at the small figure sleeping beside him.

Sebille sat down by the pair.

She couldn't say she wasn't dissappointed, but there wasn't a whole lot to say now. Null had heard it all before.

"I'm taking her back to Fenrir. Can you finish your papers meanwhile, so that we can get going like we planned to?"

She gently lifted up the sleeping girl while Null watched her.
" ..."

"And would you please learn to say no. She isn't going to die if you don't let her in."

The woman sighed again as she got up.

They'd be so late now. And Sebille hated being late.

"I'm not being this way for fun." She added before walking away, biting her lower lip.

"I know" A small amused smile visited his face, but Sebille could no longer see him.

Her speech was now but a whisper;"We're going to have a little talk with Loupe now, aren't we."


The door opened and the man's yellow eyes went wide for a brief moment.

"A-ah! Seb. ...and Cam." He chuckled nervously.

He knew he was in trouble.

"Yes, and because you let her go, we'll be late. Again." She emphasized the last word, a dangerous edge clear in her tone.

Fenrir flailed his arms; "You see, she insisted on going and I--"

"I know she did." Sebille interrupted: "The problem is that you gave in. You're as bad as Null when it comes to dealing with children."

The two of them were really... ...

"Ahah, I just don't wanna be hated."
"It's better than dealing with an impossibly spoiled kid when she grows older."
"Yeah but--"

"I don't care, Loupe. Just take her back for the night."

She set the girl on her friend's arms.

"She's out like a light and won't wake up before dawn anyway, so there isn't much you need to do anymore, is there?"
"Uhh, yeah..."


Sebille was about to turn around and leave to change her clothes when she noticed something.

"She's been playing with this again?"

It was going to get lost one of these days. Null wouldn't be too happy about that, would he... but then again he was the one that let her touch it.

Really: learn to say no.

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