Future: The morning (27/06/09)

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Sebille had talked to Null about the dress and he'd said he would take care of it. She didn't like feeling useless but there was just no way for her to get a dress that would please her in a week -not even from her contacts in the modelling world.

"We've had breakfast now, so tell me." she was impatient.

It was now the morning of the ceremony and she still hadn't seen a sign of what was promised to her.

"You did get me one, right?"


Sebille rounded around to his other side:
"Well, come on then, I don't have time to be standing here."

"And I'm warning you: if it's ugly or doesn't fit, I won't marry you today."
She'd given up a large extravagant wedding because she knew Null wouldn't be comfortable with one. So, she at least wanted to have a dress that was perfect for her.

"It's in Camille's room" he finally spoke, a hint of amusement in his tone.

"Cam's?" Sebille was surprised: he'd actually brought it there without her noticing anything.
"Oh well, I'll go see it."

"It ha'd better be perfect" she mumbled as she hurried away.

While her husband-to-be chuckled quietly


Yes, she had expected Null to deliver.

Yes, she had known he would surprise her.

Yes, she had known he knew what she wanted.


She'd never expected this.

"Oh wow..." Sebille stared at the sight for several minutes in awe.
"I'm gonna need help..."

And then she hurried off again.

This would be a busy morning.


She barged in without care for what her friend was doing;"Hati, I need your help with my dress."

"Oh no, you're not going to say that we need to do some emergency sewing or something else as insane as that? You're getting married this afternoon..."

"No no, it's nothing like that."

"But I do need your help." Sebille grabbed the woman's hand.

And as she pulled her away with her, she spoke again, trying to contain the excitement in her voice: "Just promise me you won't faint."

"Faint? What's this about? Seb?"

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