Future: Preparations (27/06/09)

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Hati exclaimed as they entered the room.

"My thoughts exactly."

Everything had been made ready for her:

A small shoe selection from her own collection.

A large mirror on her daughters bed, along with bits and pieces of the outfit.

Accessories for her to use...

And the ruffled dress itself.

Sebille sat down on the bed; "My guess is that this'll kill me but... It's amazing."
"And definitely you." her friend continued.

The dress  was made for her, literally, and it showed. It was amazing how well Null knew her in matters such as these.

"This is going to take a while..."

"Which is why we should get to it."

Sebille was already taking off her boots.

Hati grabbed the dress and moved it out of her way, opening the back zipper. "Seb... I don't want to dishearten you in any way but..."
"But what?" Sebille was immediately afraid there was something wrong.
"...this is a lot heavier than it looks."

"Geez.... Don't scare me like that. I thought it was ripped or something."

Hati chuckled: "Now, would your darling Null get you a ripped dress?" Sebille couldn't detect irony from her friends voice, but she was rather sure it was there.

She quickly pulled up her socks (that had also been ready on the bed); "Oh nevermind... just bring it here. I'm ready to be suffocated."

The dress indeed was heavier than it looked, and that said quite a bit since it looked heavy, too.

This was going to be a hot day.

Sebille gasped as her friend fought with the zipper; "Will it close?" her voice was a little worried again, although Null had never gotten het anything that didn't fit.
There was always a first time for everything...

"Oh shush, of course it will. Just suck it up."

The bride held her breath while Hati pulled the zipper up all the way.

The blue-eyed woman spoke through clenched teeth: "And here I thought I'd never have to fit myself into something as tight as this after I quit modeling..."
Her friend laughed again.

"My hair now?"
"Whatever you want, darling."

Sebille did not want to experience the corset right after zipping up into the dress: she needed time to recover and adjust.

"So, what should we do?" The white haired woman spoke from behind her.
"Something simple... this hem is so complicated that I'd just look stupid with a fancy hairdo."

"Then, I know exactly what you want."

And she begun brushing and spinning Sebille's curly hair into a style that would look great with the outfit...

After her hair had been yanked and pulled into place, Sebille looked at the corset dreadingly.
"And now this..."

"I'm not going to go easy on you with that." Hati spoke with her voice intentionally serious.

"You're so cruel sometimes."
"You've got to make sacrifices for fashion." she smiled sweetly.

"I'm jealous you get to wear a dress like this... it's not something you usually see at weddings"
"You didn't think I'd actually go with something ordinary, right?"
"No, you never do."

Hati pulled the rest of the strings in silence, while Sebille huffed and puffed from the roughness of the operation.


"You look amazing, dearie."

"Hati..." Sebille turned to her friend.

"Thank you.... I can do the rest and you can go get yourself ready now."
"Yeah... I just need to finish my hair and make up, it's nothing I can't handle."

"Well, if you say so."
"I do. And tell Loupe he doesn't have to wear a tie. That should make his day."

Hati laughed again as she picked up the shoes she'd taken off earlier: "I'm sure Fenris will be delighted. He's never been a fan or ties."

And with that, Hati hurried off to dress herself up for the ceremony.

Sebille stayed and watched as she went, before turning back to her own preparations.

Putting on her shoes turned out to be quite a bit more challencing than she had anticipated. She couldn't bend forward properly with the corset, and there was so much fabric in the hem that she had trouble reaching her feet.

She did quite a bit of cursing before everything was set just right.

The necklace Null had prepared for her was something she'd known she wanted to wear for the wedding -whether it suit her dress of not.

It had been a gift from Null and she loved the trinket.


This was how she'd look on her wedding day, she thought as she looked into a mirror.

Nobody would be able to outshine her today.

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