Future: More preparations (28/06/09)

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"And now it'll go through here..."

"There. All done." Hati smiled at the girl

"Thank you, Hati-aunty."

Oh, she was so adorable.

"Where's that necklace when you need it?" Fenrir spoke under his breath.

Both girls turned to look at the man; "What are you mumbling about?"

"I can't find my necklace. I'm sure I put it on my desk but it wasn't there..."

Hati stood up, noticing something that certainly wasn't his necklace.

"You have far bigger problems than a necklace, Fenris." She walked closer.

"Your buttons."

He had been expecting something far worse, " ...Oh."

"Yo, are we done here yet?"

"Ah, you're early for once---" Hati was cut off by the sight.
"You're not going to go like that, right?"

"Why, what's wrong with this?"
"How about everything?"

What was he thinking?

"What happened to the shirt I prepared for you?"
"I dunno?"
"And are those pants leather?"

Camille giggled: "You're funny, uncle Skoll."

"Oh hey, what's up, kid?"

Ignoring her now, are we?

"Camille. You should go see that your father is ready." She paused and turned back to her brother: "I have to talk with my brother a bit."

"Man, we're never gonna be ready now..."

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