Future: Angered (04/07/09)

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Sebille stopped her hand in the middle of its movement.


" ..."
The man didn't plan on repeating his statement.

"I... I don't believe you." 

The woman pulled her hands from him.

"You... is this why you wanted to get married so quickly? That you could make sure I'd be here waiting for you?"

Even if he was gone months, she'd be waiting. She'd be forced to. (Not that she wasn't planning on waiting anyway.)

"No" he spoke very quietly.

"What else am I supposed to think when you suddenly decide to go away?"

His meetings had been bothersome lately, there'd been so many of them and they'd been so long, but this was different. This was back to the old and it wasn't supposed to happen anymore.

He got up.

"That's not why."

Sebille refused to look at him, she was angered; "But you're going to be gone for who knows how long. Must be a relief to get rid of us girls for a while."

He raised his voice, "No."

But she was still ignoring him. She did that when she was mad.

"I thought you'd finally let me in on these decisions. Isn't that an important part of a marriage?"
" ..."
"But you're treating me just like before."

What made him think she couldn't be reasoned with? That she couldn't be talked to?

" ..."

No answer?

Sebille turned to her side to face away from him,"You're leaving m--- us. Again." Hurt was all over her voice.

"And I never know if you'll come back from these kinds of missions. I don't like them."

"I'm coming back," his breath warmed her skin and lips almost made contact.

"I am. I promise you that."

Sebille was finally slightly, only slightly, appeased and turned to face her man.

"You have no idea what it's like when you're gone." she whispered.

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