Future: Calling (06/07/09)

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"That sounds wonderful."

"We would love to visit, it's been so long since the last time."
She paused, "I'm sure she wants to as well."

"Cam dear, would you like to visit uncle Sebastian sometime soon?"

The girl's face lit up; "Yes, mama!"

It wasn't just Sebastian, it was the whole mansion and its grounds that was almost a paradise for children. Sebille was sure Camille would love it even more if she had someone her age to enjoy it with.

"I'll talk to Null about it when he gets back."

"What!?" Sebille sat up all of a sudden, "What do you mean where he is?"

"He went on a job... No, not a meeting. That kind of a job."
Sebille exchanged a worried look with Fenrir.

How could Sebastian not know about it, he was the one that took most his assignments and passed them on to the man.

Why wouldn't he tell about it to the butler? She could only think it was because the job was so dangerous that Sebastian wouldn't approve.

"I can't not worry now. He's changed more than he realizes and I'm afraid---" she was cut off.
 "Thank you... and please let me know."


"So our perfect prince has been secretive."

"This isn't a joking matter, Loupe."

Sebille glanced at the little girl, who was in her own world.

And then she leaned on Fenrir's shoulder; "What if... something happens...?"

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