Future: Babysitting (20/05/09)

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Fenrir groaned.

'Not before dawn' she said. Well no, but he'd assumed she didn't mean it literally.

Goddamnit, the sun rises just after 4AM. Four!

"I'm gonna fall asleep..."
"Now now, it does you good to get up a little earlier." The man's voice was amused. Fenrir didn't feel like looking up at him to see his smug smile.

"Anything before six should be illegal." he mumbled in a tone that was barely audible.

"If you hadn't let her go to Null, she wouldn't have fallen asleep too early and would've slept later as well."

Not him too.

"I know that." he replied through clenched teeth.

"It's no good. I can't stay up." Fenrir fell on the bed, his eyes trying to shut themselves by force.

"Linlin, hello! Can Cam make tea?"

It was 'Linlin' now, was it? Children amused themselves in the strangest ways, Fenrir thought.

"It's fine with me." He smiled; "Just be careful so that nothing else breaks, okay?"


Lin walked to his parasol and folded it back up. Camille was rather well behaved but she did manage to break things from time to time, and Lin wanted his parasol to stay intact, if at all possible.

"Carefully... carefully..."

She'd already managed to drop one of the cups and it now needed to be glued back together.

The little girl hummed and poured imaginary tea into the cups -like a proper lady.

"Perhaps you should take a short nap."
"I can't sleep now that I've gotten up."
"I'm beginning to wonder which one of you is the child here..."
"Don't mock me..."

"It's unfair that you have a trillion younger siblins and you're good with kids... I just mess things up." Fenrir was afraid that Lin would, some day, want some of his own.

"Stop that already. You have Hati-san and Skoll-san."
"But it was Hati that raised us... kinda."

Lin was just about to speak again when he felt a small tug on his pants:

"Want some tea Linlin?"
The girl smiled wholeheartedly.

"Why yes, thank you. I'd love some."

"Careful... is hot."
"Thank you dear. Would you mind getting your uncle Fenrir a cup as well?" Lin lowered his voice: "He doesn't seem to be feeling too well." and winked at her.


"I really hate you sometimes, Xiang."
"Please don't call me that. =__=;"

"And sugar for Fenri. Sugar makes him all better..."

" ..."

He sighed.

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