Future: The papers and the past (19/07/09)

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So these were records of his jobs. Reports, job descriptions, contracts...

Sebille knew this was only a handful of his paperwork. He had been in this business for almost three decades and done so much more than what was written in these papers. But for now, these were a start. She wanted to understand and help him... she wanted to make decisions with him.

"Some of these are horrifying..."

"Like this one in Greece... you did this one, too?"

She skimmed through the description and shivered at how formally every detail was written down.

" ...Yes."

She bent down to the papers; "And this Chinese one...?"

"I did them all..."

"It's one thing to think you know what goes on, and to actually see proof."
" ..."

"I thought I knew... but I didn't. I knew nothing at all. All these horrifying details... the plans... all of it."

She put down yet another set of orders.

And then something caught her eye.

"This... isn't this the date I was kidnapped...?"

"No--" He sat up abruptly.

But Sebille ignored him. It was written by Null; details of the capture and--

Her husband grabbed the paper from her hand.


" ..."


The bundle hit the side of the trash can once and then fell inside it.

She turned her back on him and slid her feet down to the floor. The woman wanted to read that paper.

But her arm was grabbed, "Seb, no."


"You can read any paper here as many times as you like... just not that one."
"Please... trust me."

She did... she wanted to.

But that paper. He shouldn't have had anything to do with her being taken... So, why did that piece of paper exist? Why had it been written and what did it say? And why had he never mentioned it?


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