Future: Look into the mirror

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Maybe it'd be too much, she thought.

The ring was a tad bit on the large side... it might look gaudy.

"So, when am I going to meet him?" sounded a question from behind the woman.

Hati turned toward the speaker; "Hmm. who?" The question had come completely out of the blue, and she had been in her thoughts.

Sebille never raised her eyes from the book as she clarified the question: "That boyfriend of yours that you've been hiding for months."

"Oh, him. You won't."

She'd completely forgotten about that.

Turning back to the ring she continued; "I left him."

Her friend sat up straight, losing all interest in the book; "What? Why?" Curiosity glimmered in her eyes.

She'd have to talk about it now, wouldn't she?. And unlike on any normal day, the woman wasn't really in a mood for gossip.

Hati sighed, turning back to her friend, "I just..."

"I didn't see it going anywhere."
"It wasn't anything serious, so don't worry about it."

Normally she would've brought him to meet Sebille, but she'd been sort of down due to the situation with her hurband. And Hati hadn't wanted to brag about her new partner when her friend wasn't doing well herself.

"Okay." Sebille didn't really have anything to say about the situation anyway. She'd never met the guy and Hati did have a tendency to leave her relationships before they got serious. It probably had something to do with that marriage mess years ago.

"But... if you're not going to see him... Who are you meeting? I haven't seen you so dressed up in a while."

"I... I'm not dressed up."

She turned back to the mirror, feeling flustered, although she didn't quite know why.
Wasn't a girl allowed to look nice for herself?

"He's just a friend."
"Oh, really?"
"Yes. Really."

He was just a friend... wasn't he.

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