Future: A friend

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A man was leaning against the gloomy grey wall as steps echoed closer on the wood stairs.

"Did you wait long?" asked a female voice, slightly out of breath.

"Not really... wow."

"What's happened to your hair?" the man inquired curiously.

"Oh, I felt like changing it." She smiled.

"Does it look good?" Hati asked and did a little spin to show off her new curls.

"Eh, what do I know about womens hairstyles. You'd better ask that from someone else."

Hati sighed and leaned against the wall.

He always did this. Couldn't he say it was nice, even if it was just to please her? It was like he purposedly pushed her away each time she tried to create something between them. It was frustrating.

"What's with you and that mafia hat?"

And his red hair. The last time she saw him, he was blond.

"Hey, I like my hats. Can't men indulge themselves sometimes, too?"

Oh, him and his accessories.

"I know someone that wears hats a little like that..." but looking at it more closely and thinking of Null, she realized it wasn't just a little like it. "Actually. I think they're exactly like that."

Sliding his finger along the brim he spoke, "Well, he's got good taste. This is a really expensive hat." He sounded childishly proud of the headwear, which amused Hati.

Reacting to his excitement she couldn't help but sound a little patronising; "I'm sure it is."

"Well, nevermind that. Shouldn't we get going?"

"Okay... but aren't you cold like that?" she eyed his short sleeves a little skeptically. It was getting really cold day by day now, and even Hati was slightly cold although her sweater was warm.

"My jacket's in the car."
"What good does it do you there?"

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