Future: Know you, know him

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"---And that concludes it." Hati finished.

"Well, it's quite the place..."

"I know, and I want you to meet some people, but will you excuse me for a moment first?"

This was the first time she'd gotten him inside the house and she wanted something out of him. Anything. And for that, she needed to prepare a little something.

"Yeah sure, what's up."

She was already walking away, "Nothing special. I'll be right back and then I'll take you to meet Sebille."

"Okay, I'll just..."

But she had left already left the room before he could finish the sentence.

"...hang here."

The man leaned on the dresser.

He didn't have to 'hang' long before another person appeared with silent steps.

Stupid that he was, Hyun thought nothing of it.

He was so used to it that he didn't realize it.

Then, the man stopped right in front of him.

And as their eyes met in recognition, it was already too late.
"Oh shi--"

A strong hand was putting pressure on his neck within a fraction of a second.

"Agh! Wait---!" His voice came out hoarse as he struggled for breath. "I'm not here to--!"

"I didn't--- know! Wait--!"

But the man with silver eyes wasn't about to wait. In the corner of his eye Hyun could see his hand reaching for the katana that was conveniently on display.

"You--- really don't need that."
"What are you doing in my house?" the man spoke with a low voice, that was intimidating in itself, but what made it even worse were his cold eyes.

"I'm not--- working!" He managed, while fingers pressured his neck.

"I didn't--- know you live here! I swear!"

And finally he released Hyun's neck.

The younger man couched as air filled his lungs again.

The attacker said nothing, he just backed away...

...and left.

No warning, no threats, no nothing.

Hyun read it as his cue to leave.

He was both very lucky and unlucky.

Lucky was that he'd suffered no injury and still had his life. And unlucky was that he had ended up in this house through pure chance.

Heels clattered on stone floor as Hati returned.

"Sorry to keep you waiting." she spoke with energy that was not usually in her.

"Hyun? Something the matter?"

He'd heard of that man living amongst the regular people, but he hadn't believed it. There'd also been talk of a child and marriage but that was a little too thick to believe even though the house thing was apparently true.

His mind was elsewhere as he replied to the woman; "Huh, no. Not really. I just... I need to go."

"Wha-- wait what? Why?"

Go? Was he serious?

"I'll see you around," he mumbled as he walked away.

Hati was dumbstruck and utterly dissappointed. She'd finally managed to get him over here and now he'd left.

Did she do something wrong?

She knew there was a connection there, but he kept slipping away from her and the woman couldn't understand why.

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