Future: Men

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"I just don't know what I did wrong... Or even if I did anything wrong. I thought we were having a good time."

Sebille felt sorry for her friend. She didn't need to go through this. Her last boyfriend attempts hadn't exactly worked out. And now that she seemed genuinely interested in a guy, he was rejecting her.

Usually it was the other way around.

"So this is the guy that's just a friend?" she asked carefully, attempting to sound as neutral as possible.

Hati raised her voice, "Well, he seems to like to think so."

"You do realize I'm not exactly the most appropriate person to talk to about men troubles..."

Given her track record with them... yeah, she was a bad choice for advice.

"Who else am I supposed to talk to? Fenris?"
"Err, well, true..." Not exactly the best men-expert around.
"At least you got married."

"You... haven't thought about telling him how you feel...?" Sebille was quite positive she had but was just making sure. And attempting to sound knowledgeable -not sure if it made Hati feel better or worse.

Hati flailed her arm; "He keeps changing the subject when I get even close to talking about feelings." she paused, "It's like he has a radar! A radar telling him when to change the sibject."

And Hati was, of course, too tackful to attempt to force the subject.

For now.

"I wonder why..."

Hearing Hati talk about the man, he seemed like a nice guy. So what reason did he have to not even hear her out? Was he like Loupe, afraid of contact?

"You and me both, Seb."

"I can't really tell you anything you don't already know... Just.."
"If you think he's worth it, keep trying?"

Really, nobody should have to come to Sebille for advice. She understood people, but only if she'd actually met them.

"If he just told me why he's avoiding me..." Hati sighed.

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