Future: An unfavorable situation

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Sebille had been thinking about it, and come to the conclusion that she did not understand men.

She opened the ankle stap's buckle.

Why couldn't he just talk to her? It couldn't be that hard.

This way he would just drive her away. Was that what he wanted? It couldn't be.

She let the shoe fall to the hardwood floor with a blunt thud.

She'd talked about it with... well, to Null. She couldn't be quite sure whether her husband had been listening or not;
 "Hati said he acted strangely at first and then just left all of a sudden. Can you believe that?"

" ..."

Was it her imagination or had something changed just now?

Yes.. It definitely had. She knew this feeling far too well, "Null..."

The man glanced at her the first time that night, "Mm?"

Sebille took a more comfortable pose by crossing her legs and leaning on her hands. "Do I want to know why the silence just turned very uncomfortable?"

"No." The man anwered without hesitation, as he looked away from her again.

"I thought as much..." she walked her fingers up along ger thigh slowly. "How about you tell me anyway?"

The man put down the papers.

"I won't."


"You won't...?" Sebille was surprised. He wasn't supposed to do this anymore.

"It's not important."
" ..."
"Trust me, it's not."

Then why couldn't he look at her and say it?

The young wife let herself fall on the bed. "Not important, says you..."

"Do you have any idea what kind of a situation you've put me in now?"

She wanted to- no, needed to tell Hati, but there was no way she could. Null hadn't told her anything but he'd clearly done something.

But what? What had he done and why couldn't he tell her?

The man moved closer and leaned over her, finally making eye contact.
"I would tell you, if it was important."

What was he hiding now?

There was nothing she could do now but trust the man.

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