Future: Reasoning

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"You still haven't told me why you left like that last time..." Her tone was (unintentionally) demanding. The fact that she had managed to lure him back into the house did not seem to be enough for her.

He was feeling fidgety.

"Yeah, that..."

He began somewhat hesitantly; "This place..."

"Is what? Stop beating around the bush and just spit it out already." she sighed.

"You shouldn't be living here."

It wasn't safe.

...Not that he was in any position to decide for her.

"What makes you say that?" She sounded curious and suddenly so cheery that it almost irritated Hyun.

"It's just... not a good place to be."

"Are you kidding me?"
The place was great, despite so many people living there.

"I'm pretty sure something happened that you're not telling me, you know."

"Ehh, well..." Hyun turned away, pausing and touched his bangs nervously; "The tall man with silver eyes, he..."

"Null? Did he say something to you? Because I know he can be a little... awkward to be around with."
"So you know him..."
"Of course I do. He's Sebille's husband."

The man let his hand drop.


"H-husband? But you told me she had a kid and---"
"Sure. They have a three-year-old daughter." Hati smiled, "She's the most adorable little girl on the planet."

It was all true? Nobody had believed those rumors, and they were true.

But then, how could he maintain his family-life? Even the more normal people in the business had trouble with it and that man certainly was not normal. He'd never seen him interract with anyone for social reasons. Ever.

The woman interrupted his thoughts, "What about him?"
"He and I, sorta... work for the same company."

Hati leaned forward; "Really? You know him?"

Maybe he shouldn't have said that. She was too curious for her own good.

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