Future: Meeting the enemy

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Anxiety had taken her over.


The man acknowledged her presence by turning his head in her direction, though his eyes never met hers.

"I'm worried about this..." she spoke as she removed her pumps.

Leaning on him, she immediately felt better. This man always brought calmness to her heart, even when she became confused by the storm of her own emotions.

"I don't want someone to come and ruin this again."

She remembered a tall, dark man from a few years ago. He had been rotten to the core, crooked and incredibly scary in so many ways. Not even Null could prevent him from slithering into their lives.

The company had never brought anything good to them. And Sebille still felt like they were walking on thin ice whenever something involved that place.

"That won't happen." The man spoke quietly.

The young wife touched his fingers carefully, as if trying to find out something.
"Are you sure?"

"The people I've met so far from your other life have all been..."

'Bad' she wanted to say. They gave off the same kind of dangerous aura that Null did. She was used to him. Though, she had actually been intrigued by him in the past because he didn't seem mean. The rest of the men from the company, however...

"I'm sure."


"She should be here. Come on." Hati spoke to the man following her.

"Okay, but are you sure I should meet her right now" The man was worried something would happen in this house again.

"It's fine, she's hoping to meet you too."

They reached the living room.


Sure, she was here, but Hati had not been expecting her to be in the company of her husband. The man still made her feel uneasy most of the time, although she had managed several proper conversations with him occasionally.

Hyun stopped cold the moment he saw the man sitting on the couch. He was the reason he hadn't wanted to come back here, although Hati had assured him it'd be fine.

Sebille looked up at her friend; "Oh, it's that time already."

She stood up.

She turned to her right and looked at the man who was said to work for the company. He looked nothing like she'd expected from that place, but very much like what she would expect from a friend of hati's. Somehow he seemed... normal to Sebille. She saw no hidden evil in him.

"Y-you must be Sebille, I've heard much about you." the man managed a nervous smile, but he could not keep his eyes from wandering to the man sitting behind Hati's friend.

"Seb, this is Hyun."  Hati finally managed, though a little late.

"Nice to meet you. I've heard plenty about you as well."

"Nothing bad I hope."
"All good things."

Hati's voice trailed slightly as she made the other introduction she had not been prepared for; "And Hyun, you know her husband, Null, already..."

The man never even glanced in their direction. Hati would've thought it rude if she wasn't actually relieved about it. The atmosphere in the room had changed when they'd entered. It had never felt quite like this in all the time she had known Null. There was clearly tension between the two men, but Hati did not know why.

"Y-yea... We've met."

Hati wasn't the only one that was relieved by the lack of attention. Hyun wasn't sure how he would've reacted if Null were to look straight at him with those piercing, cold eyes of his.

Sebille's whole attention was on the man she had just met. He really was nothing she had expected. The moment she had heard of his and Null's connection she'd pushed aside all the impressions she'd had from Hati's description and put evil in their place.

He could be an amazing actor, but she didn't think so.

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