Future: Bad blood

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Oh great... he just had to run into Null here.

That man made everyone around him uncomfortable, even if they didn't know why.

Especially today... there was something strange going on with him. And yet, Hyun didn't have the sense to back away slowly.


He just had to try and make conversation, and he himself didn't understand where this grand idea came from.

"I saw your little girl just now..."

The man lifted his gaze but his face portrayed nothing but indifference.

"She's...." His voice trailed off at the sight of the taller man.

Something in his eyes had changed between this and the last moment.

Hyun took an instinctive step back, but it came too late.

Before he noticed it, he was flat on his back and his head had banged against the floor making a flash of pain spread down his body.

And a hand was on his throat. Again.

And this time, the man's eyes were eerily blank. He was sure he'd be killed this time. The fingers wrapped around his flesh with surprising strength from such thin arms.

Heels echoed on the wooden floor.

The woman kneeled by the two men.


"Null, get off him!" she yelled, trying to make him budge.

But the man just showed her away, his eyes never changing.

There was a crash and a flower was knocked to the floor.


"Sebille..." Hyun managed, though everything was going dark.

The sound of name seemed to change something in Null's eyes and he turned to look her way. It was Hyun's chance to finally push him off with the last of his strenght.

His instincts were telling him to run, crawl, escape as he was still gasping for air. But his body wouldn't listen.

"Seb..." the silver eyed man spoke quietly, no longer paying any attention to the man he'd just attacked.

"I'm... fine." She spoke her voice full of, not hurt, but irritation.

She looked up at the man, her eyes flashing dangerously. "Get out of here."
" ..."
"Go calm down... Go!"

" ..."
The man stood up in silence and never glanced Hyun's way again.

His silent steps led him away from the room.

And the woman watched as he went.

"Are you alright?"


Hyun's heart was still trying to beat through his chest.


"I'm so sorry about this."

They were seated on the couch.

"He really doesn't like me at all, does he."

He sounded so depressed it was almost heartbreaking.

The small woman leaned forward hastily; "Oh, no! That's not it at all!"

"Seem like it to me. No need to try to make me feel better."

The woman sighed, trying to find the right words,"He was just... having a bad day."
" ..."
"I've told him to take care of it before it gets that bad, but listening isn't a strong point of his."

"That's him having a bad day?" his voice was seeping with scepticism.

"He... doesn't dislike you."
"Yeah, he just tries to kill me for fun."
"He's the one who convinced me that you are alright when I panicked after hearing where you work."

"You... know what he does?"

He was genuinely surprised. He could never tell anyone, let alone be with someone that did such things.

"I do..."

And he wondered what kind of a woman she really was to be able to accept something like that...

" ..."

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