Future: Abandoned

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The man was deep in thought.

Until his wife appeared and stopped in front of him, fuming:
"He left her."

He'd come back and made everyone understand that he'd have her. And then, just a few short weeks later he'd called Hati and told her that he could never see her again. Sebille was furious.

She raised her hand at Null.

But the man stopped her in mid swing.

"I didn't know."

Turning away, she spoke quietly, "I know"

She was selfish: originally she'd wanted him to go. But then she'd decided to give him a chance, and he'd ended up hurting her friend. And now she was blaming her husband for it all, although he'd had nothing to do with it.

As her hand relaxed, Null let go of it.
" ..."

She turned from him, ready to walk away, "I'm sorry..."
Null was the only person she could talk about this and he wasn't exactly one to understand any of it.

Hati was in the kind of pain Sebille hadn't wanted her to be in ever again. And it was partially her fault. She should've just made Null drive the man away.

"Seb..." He took hold of her wrist again, making her stop.

But the woman pulled her arm away: "You would never understand."

It was harsh, but he couldn't. He had no friends like her, no attachments. He only cared about three people in life and they were all family.

The man took hold of her and pulled her down.

"Explain to me."

" ..."

Really, how could she even begin to explain? Feeling were difficult enough to understand; explaining them was nearly impossible.

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