Future: Evil returns

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Sebille was re-organizing her things, unsuspecting of the darkness that was once again afoot in the house she considered safe.

"You're still here." the man spoke in his Russian accent. "Good."

The woman flinched and turned towards the voice.

How... why was this man here? She had only met him briefly once before, and that meeting had haunted her for months.

"It's been so long he must've forgotten this place and what he did here, but I never forget prey that gets away." the man spoke smugly, victorious that he would finally have what he wants. What he had wanted ever since he was driven out of here.

Little did he know that this time the interruption would come in a much smaller package.

Having walked behind the man unnoticed, the girl came forward and spoke curiously; "Mama?"

"Oh looky, what do we have here? It seems like someone went and got a kid for herself."
"I feel a little bad for the kid... and  even the dad, but I ain't backing down now, you know."

Sebille was sure he meant what he said, but she didn't care. Her mind filled with red fog and the only thought left in her head was to protect her child.

The man was still distracted by the girl, which was all the chance Sebille needed. She dashed to him and drove her heel through his shoe.

He cried more in surprise than in pain and staggered back.

She grabbed Camille and took a dash towards the door.

But it wasn't fast enough: he was already blocking it, "Tsk tsk tsk"

"Would you look at that. She's gotten feisty." the man pushed forward, making her back down.

"If you ever touch my daughter I will kill you." she glared at the man.
"Now that's what I'm talking about. Those delicious glaring eyes."

"You were definitely worth the wait."
The man kept pushing closer, and soon the only way for her to back away was to get on the bed and crawl backwards laboriously while holding her confused daughter.

"Oh, don't be like this, darling. We could have so much fun... just lock the kid in a closet or something."

She bit her teeth together, "Get out of here."
"I promise I won't touch her."

"Look around, there's nothing you can do." he waved his arms around grandly. "You might as well accept your fate."

Something flashed in Sebille's eyes, "I may not be able to do anything, but..."

A handgun cocked right behind the Russian's head, and he froze in place.

"He will." she continued.

"Do you want to die?" the man spoke in a low, threathening tone.

Authentic surprise in his voice, the man turned his head back, "What, you're back here too?"

"I never left."

"Shh" she held her daughter closer, not letting Camille see what was happening.

The dark skinned man laughed a little nervously, "What, you stayed with a woman that got a kid? Why would you do that? Our best asset is that we're free."

This time it was Null walking forward, intentionally getting between his family and Demyan.

Ignoring the man's question, Niull prompted him: "Leave."

"I never want to see you here again."
"Sure, sure, understood." his tone was almost patronizing.

But then it changed to a low, threatening whisper: "I'll remember this, you know."

And with that, he was gone.

Null sat on the corner of the bed.
"Null..." she spoke, her voice trembling in the slightest.

The man silently set the gun on their dresser. Normally, Sebille would be against a gun in the house -she hated firearms, but this time she had no qualms about it.

"Null, he got into the house... again." she was still shaking, "He wasn't supposed to... it's not just me here now."

"I'll take care of it..."


She wanted to trust him, but the future was never certain.

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