Future: Running (07/06/09)

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"Dum dumde dum dumm..."

The afternoon was calm. Sebille was out with her friends and for some reason the house was almost empty.

Camille giggled. "I promised flying."

"Sorry Mr. Froggy, Mrs. Lizzy can come first."

Null turned the page, absorbed his the book.

"Mrs. Lizzy flyyy~"

The toy slipped and fell with a soft thump.

"Oh, Mrs. Lizzy fell."

"Mr. Froggy gets a turn now."

Since the girl wasn't looking where she was going, she stepped on the plush toy that moved beneath her and caused her to lose her balance:


But luckily there was someone close by whose reflexes were excellent.

The girl bent her head backwards to look up at the silver eyed man: "Hehehe! Cam almost fell."

Without a word Null pushed her back on her feet.

"Be careful."

"Don't tell mama Cam was running inside. Please?"
" ..."
"It's a promise!"

She didn't know if Null had actually agreed, but she'd noticed that since he didn't talk much it was easy to assume things her way.


"Come on Mr. Froggy. It's your turn."

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