Future: Revealed (09/06/09)

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The evening was getting chilly and Sebille was thinking that she should go inside soon. If she didn't catch a cold she'd at the very least be aeten by mosquitoes if she stayed much longer.

Silent steps rattled the grass as the tall man approached.

Yes, he made no sound but the same couldn't be said about the ground. Firm floors and pavements enabled him to be completely silent as he moved, which he did habitually, but grass and plants weren't the same.

"What bring you here at this time? It's getting cold."

The man leaned forward taking a more comfortable position before opening his mouth.

"The wolf said I should 'finally marry you'." He quoted, keeping his voice down.

Yeap. That was Fenrir alright; meddling in her business as always.

"Hmph. I'm sure he did." Sebille turned away from him. Null wouldn't listen to others unless it wasn't something he was interested in as well. Not that Sebille hadn't known what he wanted already.

The man grabbed her wrist before she could move away from him.
He knew her and her dramatic exits.

"Why, Seb?"

She pulled away, feeling her temper rise.

"I'm the one who should be asking that."

"Why do you want to marry me, Null?"

"I've t---"

"Over the years I've been told why getting married would be good. I've been told that a thousand times."
" ..."

"I've been given dozens of reasons why I should marry you."

she paused to catch her breath again; " But I'm not going to marry you whether there are ten good things to come out of it or a hundred."

"I don't care if only good comes out of it. Nor do I care if there are only bad things to happen."

She just wanted to know why he wanted to marry her. However, she did not want some rehearsed speech of it either and had begun to wonder if Null was at all capable of giving her what she wanted. He'd tried for 5 years.

"Think about it."
And she hurried off, not giving him another chance to stop her.

" ..."

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