Future: Anger (13/06/09)

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It was still the organization that seemed to run his life, although he was half-retired. He hadn't expected to ever even want to distance himself from it, but now... it was driving him insane.


Null threw the pass away in a fit of anger.

It was all ridiculous.

The necklace had ended up on the floor, right by Sebille's feet.

Why did he have to do this to himself?

And why did he never choose to talk to her instead of going into himself and locking everyone out?

"Null..." Sebille touched him gently.

The man lowered his hand, bringing it to a fist and then opening it again. He didn't seem to be listening to her.

"Why do you do this?" Sebille paused; she was a little worried of how he'd react in this state: "You don't work and you get agitated... angry. And if you do, you're anxious and beat yourself over it."

"I can handle your agitation, I've been doing it for years... but I'm worried about you. You've been going to your meetings more lately." She paused again; "It feels like you're hiding something from me."

She was afraid he was taking jobs he didn't necessarily have to take. He'd been a part of the higher ups in the organization ever since he'd pulled that stunt of changing their paperwork five years ago. Or well, since his bosses had gotten over it.

She slid her hand down his shoulder slowly, feeling his skin with her fingertips. "I don't want you to get any more scars." And she didn't mean just the literal ones.

"I know... I know that you can never be tamed. A long time ago I thouht that you could, but I know better now." her voice was fading as she finally bared what she hadn't wanted to admit; "So... maybe we should just stop playing house like this. I don't want Cam to be in the middle of your mood swings."

"No." He objected.

"Null. You haven't changed a bit. What do you expect of me?"

She was lying: he had changed plenty. But Sebille still worried, for he was a man who wasn't even able to tell her his thoughts.

"Seb..." He put his hand on hers.

His silver eye moved to her, but Sebille was looking down at their hands.
"You wanted to know why I want to marry you."

What? She raised her gaze.
"I did... do."

He brought his hand to her hair, reaching his fingertips toward her cheek; "I just want to."

"You just... want to?"

Sebille didn't think for a moment, and then she touched that gentle hand of his:
"That's it? No more logical reasons?"
"That's it."

She pulled his hand down a little, and she was smiling.

"I've waited for you to tell me that since the first time you proposed." Honestly, who takes five years to admit something so simple to himself and the person he loves?

Then, she realized something and needed a confirmation: "That wasn't your proposal right?" But more than  a question it was a clear hint to the man in front of her.

His eyes widened for a moment but then he got it: "No. No it wasn't."

Sebille smiled and leaned on his shoulder: "Good."

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