Future: Finally (14/06/09)

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"Mama. Can Mrs. Lizzy eat that bug?"

"I'm sure she can, honey."

"But what if it tastes bad?"
"Maybe you should ask her if she wants to eat it first?"

"She doesn't!! Cam will go there with Mrs. Lizzy."

Sebille was amused; the attention span of a child was something that always gave her entertainment.

"Just be careful you don't step on anything sharp."


The evening was getting a little chilly as the sun was going down and the winds were strong. So strong, actually, that Sebille got chills from time to time.

She didn't hear Null approach before he sat down right behind her.

She was glad he did. His body both warmed her up and shielded her from the winds.
"I thought you were working?" she spoke to Null but her eyes never left their daughter.

"I'm done."

He spoke in a tone that just carried over the wind: "And I'll only ask once more."

Sebille turned her head slightly in his direction, avoiding direct eye contact. She knew what was coming.

And then he bent down lower; "Will you marry me?"

She'd known but her heart still skipped a beat.

 Sebille smiled a little smile. Just like the first time he'd asked, she knew exactly what she was going to say. But she wasn't rushing into answering him.

She turned to look at Camille, who was in her own little world, and Sebille hoped she wouldn't get grass stains on the dress.

Then, she looked back up at the man whose eyes showed anticipation as he waited for her decision.

The last time he'd ask, huh? To her, he was the most patient man in the world and she shouldn't keep him waiting any longer.

Sebille lifted her hand to his cheek and spoke softly; "Yes, Null. I will."

And a smile played on her lips.

The man brought his warm and to hers, that was already cold, and sighed.

A dozen proposals (well, almost) and one affirmative answer. She'd put him through a lot, poor guy. But still Sebille couldn't help but smile at his efforts.

He brought his hands to her waist and leaned his cheek on Sebille's head.

"Should we tell her?"
" ..."
"She was asking me about it a few days ago."

She took that as a yes and raised her voice: "Camille."

The girl stopped what she was doing and turned her head in their direction. Surprisement visited her face when she saw Sebille wasn't alone anymore.

"What, mama?"

"Come here a bit."

"What's happening?"
"Come on here. Your father and I have something to tell you."

The girls expression brightened and she bounced on Sebille's leg: "Do I get a new doll!?"

"No honey, this is something else..."

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