Future: Dress (17/06/09)

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"It's so frustrating..." Sebille spoke in an even tone.

They were hanging out in Sebille's old room that now belonged to Camille, as she'd insisted on it.

"But you finally agreed, shouldn't you be happy?" ...

"And your boots are on the bed" she hinted.

Sebille ignored the shoe comment entirely; "I am, but it's coming so fast. And have you ever looked at wedding magazines?"

"I have, I was going to get married, remember?"

Sebille sighed; "All the dresses are white and I don't want a white dress. I'd be caught dead weaing one in my wedding... And I have no idea where I'll get a proper non-white dress in time."
"That's your problem?"

Hati said it as if it wasn't a big deal. She of all people should know how important the dress was.

Sebille was just about to open her mouth again, but was distracted:
"Mama. Kitty."

Sebille picked up the cat her daughter had entrusted to her before.

"Here you are."
"Thank you~"

Half of Camille's playing was quiet; she either mumbled, spoke some selected lines aloud or hummed, if she made noise. Sometimes she was so quiet that it was easy to forget that she was around.Then, other times she spoke through everything.

This time the only sounds came from the toys itself hitting the carpet and eachother.

Hati looked on for a while before she spoke up; "The tiger seems to have gotten hurt... Will the cat be alright?"

"She can't get hurt. She's the leader."  Camille explained happily, as if it had been the most obvious thing in the world.

Sebille leaned her head on her knees and sighed again, "I'm frustrated doing nothing... shouldn't I be stressing over the wedding like all other brides to be in this situation?"

Instead she just wondered what kind of a dress she'd get to wear. There wasn't much for her to do, since Null was the type to get everything ready himself. They had set the date and the ceremony was going to be really small, simple and organized by his people. All she had to do was be there on the day, looking good.

"Well, you can either talk to him, or..."
"Do something to get your mind off things?"

"True... " Sebille sat up and set her heels on the floor.
"Maybe I'll do both."

"Come on Cam, we were going outside. Put your toys away so we can get going."

The girl rounded up her animals and picked them all up.

Sebille loved her when she was being agreeable.

"So, you'll talk to him?" Hati asked as she handed over Camille's other shoe.

"Well, I'll at least hint him about the dress."

"What if he doesn't get the hint?"

To be honest, Hati didn't know the man too well. Nobody, except Sebille, seemed to. He'd been in the house longer than her and she had hardly ever held a conversation longer than three sentences with him. The woman didn't know how he should be talked to.

Sebille closed the last strap. "If he doesn't... well, when the day arrives, he'll be in a hurry to summon me a wedding dress. I am not getting married without a proper outfit on me." she chuckled.

"There. We're ready to go."

The girl turned to Hati: "Is aunty coming too?"
"No, I'm sorry, I'm meeting someone" she smiled.
"Auntys boyfriend?" she giggled innocently.

"It's a secret."

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