Deprivated 09/12/2007

Sebille was lying awake. It was probably before dawn.

She didn't feel sleepy.

It was her that had asked Null to stay. Although, her bed was way too small for the two of them, heck, it was rather small for even herself -let alone a man who towered over her. She was almost afraid that it might give on them.

The thought actually amused her, but she resisted the urge to laugh out loud..

He wasn't sleeping, was he? She reached to touch the tall man's hand softly -as a test.

The hand turned to face hers. Nope, he wasn't sleeping.

Probably hadn't been all night.

She turned.

"Null, dear... Have you slept at all?"

She met with calm silver eyes as he raised his head from behind her. His weight shifted and pulled a small creak from the bed. A glimpse of amusement visited her features as she remembered what she'd thought about just a minute ago.

"You... are fixated with sleeping."

"Sleeping is healthy." She smiled.

Sleep-deprivation was never good, and she spoke from experience. In her business a good long night's sleep was everything. No late night partying allowed -or at least it couldn't show. This was fine with her, since she'd never been into partying.

"You should go get some sleep... Right after I've..."

"...Done this." And she kissed him.

"Now... off you go."

She wondered, if he'd ever start telling her when he'd be leaving.

She'd have preferred him to stay since she hadn't seen him in a while but... she wanted him to sleep. She was afraid that if he didn't get even that little sleep he should, he'd become unpredictable.

It was kind of ridiculous that she had to be this careful in a relationship but... she still enjoyed it much more than any of her previous commitments.

As he walked away, his steps looked rather heavy but they made no sound. For no real reason, she wanted to learn to walk like that as well.

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