Decision 16/12/2007

That had scared her.

'We need to talk' had never been good... ever. It was always bad news.

But this time... not so much.

And now Sebille had a decision to make.

She wasn't sure what to think at the moment. Millions of tiny thoughts had filled her head and she was having trouble getting the important facts straight.

So... Null had given her a choice whether they should keep going as they have, or 'register' themselves -so to speak, to the organization (or whatever it was) that Null worked for.

Both carried risks, but just hearing that he'd given it thought had made her incredibly happy.

If they were to keep things the way they were, she wondered when something bad would happen.

But announcing that they were together would most definitely prompt a confrontation with... someone.

'Yeah, and that way only everyone who wants to hurt you would come after me.' Was what she had said. It was true, but if they were on their papers, they wouldn't be 'allowed' to do that. They'd just be digging their graves.

So, only the one's stupid enough would be after her. Null would be 'given permission' to terminate them if they came... Or so she understood it. And that was putting it nicely. The thought actually gave her chills.

 She had no idea how extensive the whole organization was and how many employees they actually had, but she was sure it was... big. Very big.

So, was it smart to keep things the way they were, either? Someone could be spying on them, or tailing her. That wouldn't be very hard, and Null would be in grave trouble if he did something to them while she wasn't anybody that should be somebody -according to their papers.

This was all so complicated.

But... if they got listed would... would Null finally come out with her? Properly out?

The thought of them both walking down a public street both amused and pleased her.

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