Borrowed 22/12/2007

She had been waiting.

"Ah, you're here fi-- ...oh, it's just you."

"Nice to see you, too, dearie."
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that."
"Uh'huh... And what are you wearing?"
"Uhh... Null's shirt?"
"I see that... why isn't it evenly buttoned?"

She decided she needn't answer that question.

"I'm expecting Null..."
"Okay, that explains things... in a way. And, in that case, I'm leaving  right away."

Sebille knew Null made him uncomfortable, but she hadn't expected him to be in quite that much of a hurry once he was mentioned. Fenrir used to worry about her seeing him. Why not now?

"Wait! You're not going to tell me to not keep doing this? Or even to be careful?"

"Well, no."
" ?"
"He's done nothing but good to you and I don't think he's planning anything... bad, so why should I? You already know I want you to be careful, so... yeah."
" ..."
"So, I'm going to go, and come back tomorrow when you hopefully have some time."
And he left

Done good to her?

Sebille smiled to herself.

She supposed he had.

Although she had to think through every one of her actions, she was ...happy. Though, maybe that was exactly why she was happy. She needed the excitement. This was different from her previous relationships, though.

Things had been calm for a long while now and Sebille wondered how long it'd last.

She'd asked him to put her onto that list -or whatever the hell it was, that was supposed to put her under protection. She wanted to move forward with this and hoped that he'd done it.

"Oh, you're here, at last"

He took one look at her and turned his eyes away. He didn't seem mad or even indifferent. He seemed more... ashamed?

Now what was this all about?

"Is something wrong?"


"I thought... ... "
" ..."
"Don't you want your shirt back?"
She smiled a little sneakily.

And again, he turned away after just a glance.

"Oh, why so coy, dear?"


She walked to him and sat on his lap.

"You can look at me, you know. It's not like you've never done that before"

That's right. He'd always looked at her and not even tried to hide it... He was so careful with everything else, but never with looking.

"What are you afraid of?"
" ..."

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