Message 03/01/2007

She looked around, displeased.

Sebille was taking a break from Null. He'd clearly been feeling a little uneasy around her after their morning chat.

She's of course teased him about it but had come to the conclusion that she should give him some space before he snapped.

Then again, he had reason to feel uneasy. Even she, herself,  felt embarrassed when she remembered all the things she'd said. Sebille was sure she would even have blushed thinking back at it, if she was capable of it. She was happy that she wasn't, though. Blushing was embarrassing and she'd rather seem neutral than show feelings involuntarily on her face.

"Why is this room crappily decorated?"

"I wouldn't know... it isn't my room..."

He seemed amused and paused before continuing to inquire why she was there.

"Why did you call me here?"

"I got a call...  You should know who from."
"How would I know, dear?"

Playing dumb now, was he?

Fine. Two could play this game.

"Your dear brother."

She put emphasis on the dear, just to annoy him a little. She was sure he loved his brother but their relationship was... complicated.

"Skoll? Why would he call you?"

Why couldn't he wipe that stupid grin off his face. It irritated her. >_<

"Oh, dont' be pretentious. You know perfectly well why me. At least I answer my phone, unlike a certain someone."

"And I wonder what it was that he said to you."
"You want to know? Really?"
"I suppose you'd tell me even if I didn't."

She paused, looked at her fingernails and continued:
"He said, and I quote; 'If that sleazy bum doesn't pick up that goddamn phone the next time I call him, I'll tell everyone everything about a certain disgraceful event  that happened five years ago. Even his supposed best friend.'"

She was feeling rather pleased with herself and turned back to him.

"...You know, it kind of hurt me how he said that 'supposed'."
" . . ."
"And how I know nothing about this event... But I somehow doubt I'd even want to..."

"  ... He wouldn't ! "

"That's what he said."


She was rather amused. He'd been playing this avoiding game with Skoll for quite a few years now, and although the 'black wolf' wasn't Sebille's most favorite person in the world, she still enjoyed seeing Loupe being defeated for a change.

"I don't really care about your dark secret but your other friends might... and you have plenty of those. So, why don't you just call him and make up?"

"I... I don't want to."

'So cute!' She thought, and wrapped her arms around him.

"Of course you don't want to. You'd lose.
But hey... do you want everyone to know  your darkest secret (whatever it is)?"
"It was just something stupid..."
"I'm not surprised. You always do stupid things. It's part of why I love you"

She giggled.

"It is, huh..."
"Yes. And now, go call your obnoxious brother. You've lost."

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