Lesson 15/01/2007


. . .

"Did it sting?"

" ... It did."

"Hmph. Good."

Take that for making me worry!

Seemed like he took the hint. Null put his teacup away, as if he was ready for her possible lecture that was to follow. That's what her tone of voice hinted, anyway.
(And what kind of an assassin drinks tea?)

She sat down, feeling rather bitchy.

She closed his book.

Sebille knew this was childish, but she really wanted to let herself go at it, she sorely needed it. One little slap wasn't quite enough. (Poor Null had to be the target.)

"But it doesn't anymore... does it?"


He seemed calm, which was hopefully a good thing, as she didn't know how he'd reacted last time. Not that she would care even if he was in a bad mood. No, not tonight.

"Maybe I should do it again..."
" ..."

"Just to make a point."

She really had been worried and she hadn't liked it one bit.



"You've made your point."
His voice was low and calm with a hint of amusement, which bewildered Sebille for a second.

When she got her balance back, she knew exactly how to play this one.

"My, my... "
" ? "
" Is this the game you play, Mr. Mystery? A hug and maybe a kiss and it's all okay?"

Sebille pulled away.
"Oh no, no. I'm not making it that easy for you."

He seemed to raise an eyebrow, but she was almost certain she imagined it.

He did, however, turn and grab a piece of paper from the table.

...And offer it to her.

" ... What's this?"

"My number."

She turned to him and blinked.

He had thrown her off balance for the second time in two minutes. But just like all of her emotions, this one passed through her in mere seconds.

She wrapped her arms around Null and kissed him like there was no tomorrow.  

No, seriously. She got really into it.

The feel of his lips and hot breath just excited her more. Not to mention the fact that this time she did something Null hadn't been expecting and thus: didn't really know how to react to it.

And no way was she going to give him a break. It was almost infuriating how he always managed to turn her plans upside down, so she needed to jolt him a little at times, too.

She let go of him just as fast as she'd gotten to it and turned back to the piece of paper.

"Now, if you don't mind..."

"I'll take this and put it in a safe place before you have time to change your mind."

She let out a sly little laugh and ran off...

...leaving Null  wondering what had actually happened.

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