Too amused 21/01/2007

Sebille was laughing.

She knew it wasn't that funny but she couldn't help herself. She'd been laughing for minutes and just couldn't stop.

Null had been all huffy and irritated about it at first  but he'd seemed to start softening up.

Okay, she admitted it wasn't very polite to laugh at someone but this had just been too much. And again, it wasn't even all that funny. She probably laughed just because it was Null that it happened to.

(And no, she wasn't going to reveal what it was.)

Sebille laughed more each time she was calming down and remembered his face.

Oh god, her stomach hurt.

" ..."

Sebille didn't see his expression so she didn't know how he was going through his emotions but she hoped it wasn't too bad.

He snarled quietly.

"What... was that?"

She'd calmed for a second but had to fight the urge to laugh out loud again.

But her resolve wasn't very strong. She had to turn from him again.
It probably hurt his pride but she didn't  really want to laugh at his face and hurt it even more.

She felt him move behind her but didn't have time to look at what he was doing. She had to use all her self-control to finally try and calm down for good.


He leaned forward and spoke in a quiet voice that might've been slightly menacing if he didn't sound amused
"Stop laughing..."

"Ahaha..." She wiped her eye.
"Now, try it without the happy. That wasn't very convincing."

" ..."
"Okay, okay... I might be able to stop..."

He leaned forward (agonizingly slowly) and kissed her.

Sebille was still feeling amused, though, and laughed again. It came out rather muffled.

Sebille couldn't quite figure out his expression the moment he pulled away. It didn't seem like he really minded her amusement but not like he really really enjoyed it, either...

"I want to take you somewhere."

Sebille blinked.

"Take me... somethere? ... ...Really? Where?"
"You'll see."

"That's mean. Keeping it a secret... How will I know what to wear?"

She was bursting with curiosity.

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