Expressing patience 23/01/2007

Sebille was 'playing' with Null's sword under his watchful eye.

She'd been wondering about the place he'd expressed wanting to take her to.

She'd need to see when she would have a few days off work around the weekend, so that he could take her for a few days. That was all that he'd said; they'd be gone for several days.

Null watched as she turned the blade in her hands... but she doubted that was what he was actually looking at.

She was almost sure he was eyeing her legs instead.

Not that she minded, though.

"You really aren't going to tell me anything about the place?"


She pouted.

Sebille sheathed the blade and leaned forward to put it back in it's display stand.

" ..."

She could _so_ feel his eyes on her.

"You are so much more dirty minded than you let people in on."
" ? "
"I know what you were looking at just now."

He actually managed to look a little sheepish, and she laughed.
"Not that I mind..."

She set herself next to him, the mystery-place still on her mind.
"You know... you'll be stuck with me for days if you take me somewhere."

"I know..."

She sighed "You do know that I'm not the easiest person to be around with, either, right? You might have noticed that I tend to have mood swings from one end to another...."

His voice was almost a whisper now:
"I've noticed."


She wondered how long he could take her constant presence.

He had already shown enormous patience with her but how long would it last?

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