Knitted 09/02/2008

He'd been gone for a week -again.

This time, he had at least left her a note saying that he wouldn't be back for several days.

"Am I welcome to join you?"
It sounded a little more formal than she had intented.

But she figured it'd be better to be a little careful since he just came back, and sometime he was... well, a little fierce after just returning.

He closed the phone, not even glancing at her.



That meant a lot to her, even if it didn't sound like much.

She sat down.

"...What's with the outfit, though. Grandma knit you a sweater?"

He grunted.

She laughed.

In the 10 months he had been in he house, she'd learned to read him quite well, but he was still quite the mystery to her. That might've been why he intrigued her so much.

"I did notice something else, too. Those are some good-looking shoes you got there."

She leaned on his shoulder and spoke again:
"I looked at my work schedule and I have some dates that could work for that trip (if you still want to go). But I hope you're not in a hurry..."


She leaned forward and slid herself towards the edge of the bed, as if about to leave.

"But really, that sweater... You've really had better looks."
She was smiling.

He grunted again and slid his hand behind her head, not showing much of a change in emotion.


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