Journey 15/02/2008

Sebille was not amused. She was regretting her decision to go out and follow him.

It was cold. It was windy and she was by no means appropriately dressed. Not enough clothes and definitely the wrong kind of shoes.

He just had to go out the one day that it was actually cold this winter?

Well, at least he was easy to follow with his footprints visible in the snow.

She continued her quest, heels sinking deep in to the snow.

...And lost her footing.

She fell down and cursed.

"...This sucks."

Sebille sat in silence for a minute, not minding the cold getting to her legs.

"Where the hell has he gone to?"

After getting back up and continuing her way after his footprints, she started looking around, trying to find something positive out of the experience.

"Well... at least it's kind of pretty out here..."


Not looking where she was going had been a big mistake as she lost her footing by twisting her ankle (again).


He'd been nowhere to be seen just a moment ago and now he was here.

Points to him for catching her before she was on her butt in the snow.

She wanted to once again say; 'Nice reflexes' but decided against it.

"There you are..."
" ..."
"What are you doing out here?"

"I was thinking..."
"Why on god's name are you doing it here?"

He seemed amused but didn't answer.

"It was horrid getting here... I even did some swearing along the way >_>"
"I heard."

He heard? He'd been within hearing distance but  hadn't shown himself while she'd been fighting for her life?! (Well, almost.)

His points just dropped.

"And coming to help me didn't come to mind?"
Now she was slightly irritated again but tried to fight against it. It had been her idea to come after him after all.

"...Anyway. I actually had something to tell you, but I forgot what it was while I was getting here."

"So... just take me home in one piece, please?"

And he was amused again.

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