Out of touch -part 1- 19/02/2008

Null had been acting rather coldly towards her and been even more secluded than normally. This had happened after their adventure in the woods. And a day later, he'd dissappeared.

Sebille had been leaving him messages but had gotten no answer.

She'd been worried and had decided to try calling him once more.

So far she'd always been directed to his answering machine.

"What?" Sounded the familiar dry voice on the other side of the line.
"Null... Are you okay? Where are you?"

" ..."
"I've been leaving you messages."

"I know."
"You know? Then, why didn't you answer me? I was worried and--"

"I can't talk now."

And his voice had been replaced by silence.


He'd hung up.

Sebille had fallen to her bed. Why didn't he answer her messages? Why was he so cold all of a sudden?

Sebille had begun to wonder whether this would work at all.

He had a habit of dissappearing and being secretive.

She didn't really mind secrets but she'd like to not be completely clueless


A day later:

Shopping always made her feel better. Especially shoe-shopping.

These beauties had costed a bundle but they were totally worth it.

" ..."

"Well, well... If it isn't Mr. Unavailable."

Her feelings had been hurt and when she was hurt she became irritated.

" ..."

"Not saying anything? Out of excuses---"

Her sentence was stopped short by the look he gave her.

He still looked cold and also slightly annoyed.

Sebille's resolve was shattered.

" ..."

Couldn't he just please say something? The silence was killing her.

He sat down on the bed and she moved slightly away from him. Not because she was afraid of him. She couldn't be, she knew him too well (to a certain extent, anyway). She moved away because she was hurt.

"Why didn't you leave me a note? And what have you been doing?"

No answer.

"You've been grouchy since before you dissappeared without a trace."

No answer.

"For all I know you could've decided to never come back. Or be abducted... or whatever."

No answer.

"You have no idea what it feels like to not know anything..."

She'd gotten into the rythm and wasn't about to back away now.

"Being in the dark is the worst. You could be lying in a ditch somewhere and I might never find out. Or you could just walk out on me and never tell me why. Or even never contact me. You could just as easily leave me all alone again."

"Or you could even--"

He put his hands on her arms, sounding determined.

"I couldn't. I had no choice."

" ..."
She looked into his eyes. They were less cold now but he still seemed a little stressed. But more than anything, there was something in them... something that she couldn't quite make out.

She looked down, defeated.
"I know...."

Yes, she had known. Deep down somewhere, she had known.
He wouldn't just brush her off for fun.

"I hate being this way... It's not appealing at all. It doesn't feel good, either."

And it'll push you away someday...

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