Out of touch -part 3- (21/02/2008)

She'd knocked but there had been no answer.

Sebille had waited for Null to come to her but he hadn't. And now she was in his room, feeling rather nervous.

She'd wanted to avoid this if possible.

"Can I approach you without getting pinned against a wall and have my neck snapped like a twig?"

He glanced at her, rather unimpressed.

"Just making sure..."
She sat down, purposedly leaving some distance between them.

A long, uneasy silence followed. She didn't know what she could say. She'd made the  first move, he should make the next one.

Do something, you oaf. She thought.

After a time that had seemed like an eternity, he shifted on the bed and turned towards her.

She glanced carefully at him, not exactly sure what to expect. She was cautious as he hadn't been in the best of moods the last time they'd seen eachother.

"I won't tell you."

His tone was no longer dangerous nor cold, but she couldn't really tell what he was feeling.

 She looked away.

"Or course you won't." Sebille replied sourly.

He continued, his  voice low:

"I won't tell you... because I love you."



She was sure she hadn't heard right.

Did he really just...?

"I can't, because--"
"I don't care anymore."

"You just said something I though I'd never hear from you.

So, I don't care anymore."

There was another silence.

Though, not an awkward one this time.
More full of amazement, if anything.

" ..."

Her mind was full of fuzz and she had hard time trying to form a coherent thought.

"Just... ... you don't need to keep things to yourself like that."

Old habits were hard to break. She doubted he'd ever talked to anyone about anything. He'd been frustrated and taken it out in the only way he knew how; separating himself from others.

He didn't answer but set her down on the bed.


This wasn't supposed to affect her so strongly. She was supposed to say something... anything.

"I can't calm down now" She smiled a little.
"...my heart's racing like mad."

He glanced down and pressed his hand on her chest.

"That's not helping."
She chuckled nervously.

Right now, her mind was such a mess that she could easily get lost in those silver eyes of his. Again, they seemed depthless... and no longer cold.

There was nothing but this moment.

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