Null 22/02/2008

It hadn't been easy admitting his feelings to himself, let alone saying them out loud. All the new emotions he had confused him and it had taken him months to sort them out.

The dozens of new feelings that had been buried deep down somewhere and the stress he had been under lately had made him irritated. He'd never been that way before and it felt strange.

He wondered how people dealt with their emotions. There were so many of them.

...But feelings aside, there were more important matters on hand.

Null had been thinking about things for a while now, but since yesterday he had
been sure of what he would do.

He'd never really wanted to give any of his money to the company, should he perish before his time, but he hadn't cared enough to look for other options. But now he had one, right in front of his eyes.

"I wouldn't want to favor one pair over the other but..."

The company wouldn't get any of it and she would get most of it. He'd pay the best lawyer to make sure she did. And He wasn't planning on changing that even if they fell apart. It was his way of showing what she had given him. And his way of showing them that they weren't as powerful as they thought they were.

"I guess, it'll be these shoes after all..."

The company had always been proud of him; he was their creation. Their best creation.

The sum of their actions had brought him where he was now. But they no longer knew exactly where he was, they thought they knew but they didn't.

He was supposed to play by their tune 'till he died and since he had no one to inherit his wealth, they'd get back what they paid him in the first place. A clever system, yes, but not foolproof.

Nobody had taken into account that he could ever meet someone.

The only person that might have even dared to hope for it hadn't been Null, or
any of his coworkers. No, it was his family's lifelong butler, who had taken care of him and his mother before him, and who now lived in one of his most used mansions. He was the one person Null had always trusted.

Now, the only part of his money the company would get would be what Null paid them
to keep Sebille on that list for the rest of her life. And should something happen to her; they
would be ripped of that money by contract

"These are fine, right?"


They were not in control and they would never be again. Despite what they threw
at him, they couldn't fully control his actions any longer.

He smiled to himself.

"Well, aren't you in a good mood today. I didn't think getting out of here would be that nice."

" ..."

"Ready to go?"

Whatever they threw at him now wouldn't matter. He'd do what he had to, and until he was rid of them...

...he'd have someone to pull him back from the deepest, darkest of places.

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