Preoccupied 23/02/08

It was a lovely afternoon in the house. Fenrir had been a little stressed lately and had started the evening a little early (like... 6 hours early).

Lin on the other hand was deep in thought, playing with his fan absent mindedly.

" ..."

"...Don't you want me?"

That came so suddenly that Fenrir hadn't been at all prepared for such a question.

He almost choked on his beer.



"We've been doing this for months and I feel like you're avoiding me... And..."

Fenrir put down his beer. This seemed like an interesting conversation.


A light rouge rose on Lin's cheeks.
 "We haven't... you know... Even once..."

Fenrir watched as he played nervously with his fan.
 " ..."

"We haven't done it."
" ..."
"I'd get it if you like... hadn't done it before with a guy.. or otherwise, but... Unless you haven't?"

"What? No! ...I mean: yeah. I've done it, of course."
He emphasized the word 'it'. He found the word a little silly, actually, it was as if he was back in high school.
"It's just that..."

"Uh well... it's been a while and..."

To be truthful, he wasn't sure why he hadn't jumped on the opportunity just yet. He'd been a little preoccupied with the ongoing feud with Skoll, he supposed.

It wasn't like he didn't want to, it was just that they hadn't gotten around to it just yet.
(Okay, he had purposedly ignored some signs but he'd had a bad day then!)

"...You're not ignoring me?"
"No, I'm not..."


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