Until death... 02/03/08

"Sign that."
" ..."

Null had just dropped a bundle of papers beside her on the bed.

"Way to woo a girl. Give her papers to sign."
She  was actually rather cheerful this morning.

"Let's see... 'Last will and testament of--'"

A sudden cold chill hit her.

She almost panicked.

"What's this? You're going to die now?!"


He sat down.

"Then what the hell is this for?"
"Just in case..."
"No. You can't... you can't show this to me--!"

She knew he'd had one before, she was sure of it. She knew his job was risky but... this made it all too real. She could handle everything by not thinking much about things. But to hold something so concrete in her hands...

"And why do you want me to sign this? It's not like I'm that involved..."

She tried to steer herself away from the papers and from the whole topic. She wished this could just be forgotten and never be brought up again.

"You are now."


She turned back to the papers.

"Bequests... why am I first? And what..."

"Eighty-seven per cent?! And estates..."

"Estates... plural!"

"Null! What the hell would I do with all of this? Except buy a shit-ton of shoes and store them in the numerous estates I'd get." >_>;
"You can't possibly want your life's work to be spent on shoes!"

She was still trying to steer her mind out of the ugly death that was all over those papers.

"Boy, this is every girl's dream. To be included in her boyfriend's... or whatever you are, will after less than a year of knowing eachother."
" ..."

There was a silence. A pressuring one, during which Sebille was thinking hard how to change the subject.

"This isn't your real name... is it?"

She'd thought so. Sebille had no idea how he got his aliases and how they worked but she knew he propably wouldn't reveal his real name to anyone... ever.

"Wow... you don't even put  your name on your will...."

He almost sighed.
"Please... sign the paper."
"No! Take your stuffy will and stick it up your---"

"...just take it."

She moved further away from him and turned her head the other way.

The feeling was awful. If that will were to ever come true... he would no longer be there. It's something she absolutely did not want to see happen.

She didn't want to believe it all just yet. By living inside her own, un-burst, bubble, she didn't have to actually realize what it was that Null did... or worry about it.

He put the papers down.

" ..."

And left the room...

...leaving Sebille alone with those accursed papers.

" ..."

He would not give up, would he?

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