Bloodied 10/03/08

The stop had come. To her stalking anyway.

Null had been called out and he had been gone since yesterday. Waiting used to be easier... much easier before she'd seen that piece of paper with death written all over it.

"Ahem... You wanted to be told the minute someone saw him back, so..."

She jumped up. "He's here?"

Suddently she felt relieved, and also a little scared.

"I have to go..."

She slipped on her shoes in a haste.

"Hey, whoa! You're gonna go like that? Those are bloomers you're wearing..."
"Well, why not?"

And she ran off.

"She's a little too invested in this... This won't end too well."


He really was back.

But Sebille was unsure of what state he was in. He had a tendency to be unpredictable.

She approached him with (maybe a little excessive) caution.


"Isn't this..."

"Aren't you supposed to wear this underneath...?"

She almost laughed out loud when a wave of relief washed over her.

"I'll wear it any damn way I want to---"

" ...Null?"

The feeling of relief wasn't one that lasted long. He was not okay like he'd tried to let her believe.

"You look tired..."

And also very... empty.

He grunted and turned away.

No... why was this happening again? What had he been doing?

This was not good and the worst part was seeing him turn away.

"Wait. Null, you need rest."


The push wasn't especially hard, but it wasn't gentle either.



"Now you're bullying me because you can't handle things."

"It's your fault you're in this mess... So, don't you take it out on me!"

She didn't actually think that, but she didn't like to be pushed around. She'd wished that was all in the past. But...

Sleep-deprived Null that just got back from doing-- whatever it was that he did. Not a good arrangement.

He grunted again and started walking off.

She grabbed his arm before he was out of her reach.
"And don't turn your back on me!"

" ..."

His eyes weren't cold like they were the last time, but what she saw wasn't much better.

"Can't you... can't you just calm down first, before you do something..."



Apparently not. He had her pinned down on the bed, before she could fully register he had moved at all.

"How could I? My hands are tainted in blood."
"Actual blood or figurative blood?"

He answered by tightening his grip on her wrist.
Okay, not a good time for jokes -she'd hoped he'd loosen up a little.

" ..."

Moments passed in silence and she wondered what she could do, or say, to make him see clearly. Because obviously he, again, wasn't thinking straight. And to tell the truth, it scared her a little. Of course, being pinned down all helpless didn't help any.

"I've yet to see any."

"Blood, that is."

Not actual, or figurative blood. He'd been nothing but good to her.

His eyes glistened momentarily and he loosened his grip on her wrists.

"I just want you to sleep... Do that for me, please, and you'll feel better when you wake up."

And so would she.


It had taken a while, but he had finally fallen asleep.

She couldn't even begin to imagine what he went through each time he left and then came back. To think that even the calmest of persons would get this upset over it all... It must be something horrible.

She hated seeing him all empty, and she was afraid that some day he'd do something that he'd regret... and something that would cost him.

She didn't want him taking off again and coming back like this.
Ever, if possible.

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