Bribe? 14/03/08

"Good, you came."

She'd called to him and he came. Really, sometimes he was like a dog.

" ..."

"Sit down."

Really, he was.

She had plans for him now, though.

"First... let's get this off..."

She could feel his confusion as she closed in and slid her hands to the back of his neck to open the lock.

"You've worn this for too long..."

" ..."

He clearly didn't understand where what she was getting at. And well, he didn't really need to, either.

"Now..." She pointed at his shirt, "Open that top button."

She turned to her cabinet expecting it to be open when she'd turn back. He did what she asked, without a question... Okay, actually he did have a question but it never left his lips, it was all in his eyes.

She brought a small box to her lap, not planning on answering him.

And opened it while he looked on, starting to realize what was going on.

"Now, let's see... this should be a fit..."

Every time she got close his concentration turned to her and her scent instead of what she was doing. A dangerous weapon she had.

"Ah-ha. I knew it would fit... and damn, it looks much better on you than I thought it would..."

" ..."

He wore jewellery so well... and yet he always had that dull gun hanging down from his neck.

Not sure what he thought of it but it had better do for now. She needed a break from looking at that pass... and from everything else that had to do with his work.

She looked down and wondered how she should bring this up.

"Do you remember when... when you wanted to take me someplace else?"

Null lowered his hand. He obviously hadn't been expecting the question out of the blue.

"Then-- Can we go there now?!"

She desperately wanted out of here.


There was too much drama and stress in this house right now and she just wanted to leave.

A minute went by as he thought about it.

Another minute went by and she was getting impatient.

"Stop teasing me like that and tell me"  =___=

"Mmh, we can go."

She practically jumped up.


"Let's get going! What do I need to take with me?"

He seemed amused in the slightest.

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