Worried (19/03/08)

Fenrir was majorly frustrated.

"Why won't she contact me?"

"I've heard nothing after the day they left."

What was she thinking taking off like that? He just couldn't bring himself to trust that shady assassin, no matter what Seby said. He hadn't proven himself to Fenrir.

He threw the phone to the bed.
"The damn thing's just full of useless messages from Skoll."

"This is unnerving."

Lin had tried to calm him down by offering him tea, but the plan hadn't been all that successful. 

He got up and  straightened his pants.


"I'm sure she's fine."

Lin rested his chin on his boyfriend's shoulder.
"She's pretty crafty and she trusts him, doesn't she?"

"She's in love, she doesn't  think straight."
"But still... somehow, I don't think he'd hurt her."

Fenrir turned his head to look at him.

"He probably isn't that bad a guy. I know I went kind of nuts before 'cause of my friend, but it really had no meaning at all. He didn't even remember my friend. He was just paid to do it and he did it."

His friend had been no saint, either, but Lin had still loved him.

"And I think I saw... fear in his eyes when I pointed the gun at him, and Sebille-san stepped in front of it."
Lin wasn't quite sure of that, though. He had hard time believing what he saw, but he'd say anything to make his man feel better.

"Do you really believe that?"
"I have to."

Lin backed away.

"If... if I didn't, I wouldn't be able to stay in the same house as him..."

" ..."

"You might be right, but I'll still worry."
Lin smiled slightly.

"Mainly so, because she hasn't called."

Lin had now decided what to do to distract Fenrir.
"Maybe she's been too busy, to?"

"Why do I think you're up to something?"

"Maybe 'cause I am..."

Their relationship looked pretty straightforward to the outsiders, but with them, not everything was what it seemed.

It was Lin who was actually in power.
Fenrir knew it and Lin knew it. The younger man would end up getting his way most of the time. Fenrir hadn't the power to say 'no' to him.

The wolf hoped that Sebille and her assassin weren't what they seemed, either.

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