Return (23/03/08)

"What are you doing here?"

Sebille had just gotten back. The trip had been long and she was tired; it was understandable that she wasn't in the greatest of moods.


Why did he look so surprised and relieved?

"I'm so glad to see you!"

He hugged her quite strongly for someone who didn't want to be seen too close to her.

"Uh, Loupe... I missed you too but isn't this a bit over the top...?"

"Right. Sorry. But you didn't contact me at all so I was worried."

Oh, oops! She'd completely forgotten.

"I... didn't?"

There'd been so much going on that she hadn't even had time to think about home.

"...Don't tell me you forgot?"

Sebille turned from him.

"Well, you see the thing is... I didn't... kind of."

"There's no 'I didn't, kind of'. You either did or you didn't."

Sebille sat down.
"I tried calling you once, I did."


She was now playing with her bag, trying to figure out how to say it.
"But there was no reception, so I was going to ask Null if there was a phone I could use..."
"...I forgot."

" . . ."
Fenrir sighed. He knew it.

"Well... you have to make it up to me."
"Go back in time and do it differently?"

She really wouldn't mind going back, though. She actually wished she could.

"Tell me where you were... and what you did."
"Well, to be honest, I don't really know where it was. Null has a mansion up north. And I really mean a mansion, that place was huge!"

"And you think it was a good idea being there all alone with him?"
"Oh come on, he wouldn't do anything to me, you should know that already. And besides, we weren't alone."

"Yeah, get this: he has a butler! And---"

She had been dying to tell all about it to someone. Well, almost all about it. There were things she couldn't tell  even to Fenrir, ever.

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