Skoll? (03/04/08)

Fenrir was sweet-talking Lin, like he often did. It was in his nature, although there really was no need for such things as Lin was already head over heels for him. Still, it was a way of passing time.

Something had been bothering the yellow-eyed man for a few minutes, though...

"Get a room, you two."

"Ah, Seb. Just the person I wanted to see.
What's with all the racket out there today?"

"Oh." She replied bluntly and then continued; "That would be your dear little brother and his arrival." She stated matter-of-factly.

"Excuse me; What!?"
"He's in the living room now."

Sebille was rolling her eyes and Fenrir pretty much knew why.

He left in a hurry. How the hell could he be in this house, of all the places?

He really was here.

"Yoh! Long time no see, bro."


"In the flesh." He grinned.
"Such a heart-warming welcome from ya."

He really hadn't changed a bit.

"Why'd you come here?"
Fenrir sighed defeatedly, ignoring the previous statement completely.

"Why? 'Cause I could. What's it matter?"

Fenrir sighed again. 

"That girl of yours is just as spunky as she was the last time we met, ya know. My cheek still kinda stings. You should tell her that's not a proper way to greet a person."

"You tried to grope her behind, didn't you? I'd think that's a normal reaction for anyone."

"Well... maybe a little..."
"How do you grope someone a little?"

"But you gotta admit it, she's got a nice looking ass."

And Fenrir sighed again.

Lin arrived just at the right moment. Fenrir  really wasn't in the mood to talk about his friend's behind.  Not after Skoll had made a surprise appearance like this..

Lin came to the room shyly.

"This is Lin, Lin this is my brother, Skoll."
Fenrir introduced them hurriedly, in an attempt to change the topic.

"Nice to meet you..."

There was a rather uncomfortable silence: Lin stood shyly, Skoll looked from him to Fenrir and back, and Fenrir himself dreaded what his ill-favored brother would say next.

"I get it now! So, you've turned completely queer, right?"

And that was pretty much what he'd dreaded. Fenrir almost rolled his eyes and glanced at Lin, who was now blushing slightly.

"Ya know... I tried. I really tried to steer you away from that path by throwing hot ladies at ya but no. You're incurable."

"Well, isn't that nice. Could we change the topic now and find out what you're really doing here?"

"I'm here 'cause I'm here. But fine, wanna show me to my room, I don't know where it's at ...yet"

Fenrir's eyes widened (in mild horror).
"...You're staying?"

"Of course I'm staying, what the hell did you think? That I'd drop by for tea? Pfft. Right.
 And don't give me that #!"%@ sigh again, I know you were going to."

Fenrir sighed ---silently to himself.

He didn't hate his brother, it wasn't anything like that at all. Underneath this all they were really quite fond of eachother, though they'd had a feud that lasted years but  it was more or less over now that Skoll had won...
Fenrir just feared what would happen to the quiet life of the house with him around.

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